Wander Beauty, which this month celebrates their one-year anniversary, is successfully swimming in a sea of turbulence – be it fighting for shelf space, launching new products or building a visual platform with TV retailers such as QVC.

Wander Beauty’s co-founders, makeup maven and supermodel, Lindsay Ellingson, along with entrepreneur Divya Gugnani, met randomly two years ago at an event at a salon on the Upper East Side. The duo had lunch the following week and over coffee and salads the idea of creating a luxury makeup line that offered only the fundamentals, while making one’s beauty routine incredibly accessible, was created.

“When I think of us as customers and co-founders, we are two totally different people with the same common need, to simplify our beauty routine with products that are multi-tasting makeup essentials. That’s our big theme,” said Lindsay.

Both also possessed a passion for travel, which is how they landed on Wander as the brand’s name.

“It was romantic and completely describes our brand, which is internationally inspired,” said Lindsay. “Our makeup literally takes you from place to place. Our shades have been inspired from global beauty trends to sunsets I’ve seen in Saint Tropez.”

Last May they launched one product, On The Glow Blush & Illuminator, which took on a cult-like following thanks to their QVC cameos, website traffic and print online mentions on People.com and Allure.com.

“Everyone thought we were crazy to start with one product,” said Divya. “We took a careful approach but On The Glow sold six figures in a couple of weeks, and it became a instant top rated product and bestseller on QVC. We thought, ‘Oh my God, we have a company. We need to make something else.’ So many brands launch with 85 skus and they tell the whole story at once. We wanted to be true to our philosophy, so we launched On The Glow in two shades, which you can use in over 10 different ways.”

Their marketing platform is just as versatile. On The Glow comes with a face chart, multiple tutorials and a post-purchase video that teaches you how to apply and use. Between education and engagement, Lindsay and Divya built momentum around the brand. Concentration was also placed on innovation, formulation and ingredients, which are sourced from around the world.

The company was started with $150,000 with additional limited angel investment in 2015 to prepare for their QVC launch. Wander Beauty made a total of 10,000 On The Glow sticks, which sold out in a few months. Presently, that one product accounts for 30 percent of their overall business. Industry sources estimate Wander Beauty did close to $2 million in 2015. Predictions for their second year in business place the privately-owned company at doing between $5 million and $7 million in sales.

Last October they launched on Net-A-Porter in the US, and this year they launched internationally on the luxury site. Today, Wander Beauty offers 23 skus, with six additional products being released over the next month. By fall, they intend to double their skus, offering a full collection of products, which will be found in select Sephora stores nationwide.

Wander has also capitalized on the crowdsourcing phenomenon. They have conducted blind testing of products, received shade feedback, held focus groups and online forums, brainstormed ideas regarding what to create and what names to give their products.

Even their website offers high performance.

“Our consumer isn’t going to sit and upload a selfie. She’s a time-starved woman. We solve the problem of online shopping for her,” said Divya. “On our website you’ll see women of six different ethnic groups and see what each product looks like on their face. You’re not getting a photo of yourself, but how that product will potentially look on you, and that’s been a huge help. It’s been mathematically proven that when injecting the product with images, people buy more frequently and come back more often.”

Aside from new releases, the pair will continue to build distribution with their select partners and may expand their digital presence.

“Wander Beauty and the positive reaction we’ve received has exceeded our expectations,” said Divya. “That we would be global across the board in one year and also getting access to the 100 million QVC and Sephora consumers seemed unimaginable.”

“The greatest thing I learned is that it’s very hard to be different in the beauty world, to wow and be innovative and create something that people haven’t seen below,” said Lindsay. “We are so much more than makeup,” she added. “We’re about travel and inspiration. We’ve about sourcing ingredients from eight different countries for one lipstick, and than making sure the story we tell for each product is unique.”