Three beauty industry leaders have come together to create a supply chain hub for the development, manufacturing and merchandising of color cosmetics, skin care, hair care and fragrance products on a global scale, yielding six manufacturing facilities on three continents; two formula libraries with more than 10,000 formulas and finishes; and nine R&D laboratories.

The Vertical Beauty Alliance, as the hub has been named, fuses the know-how of MANA Products, Meiyume and RPG, experts in beauty product ideation, innovation, formulation, manufacturing, packaging and in-store experience. The new association looks to deliver innovation, reliable speed to market, and a global footprint for creativity, formulation, and manufacturing of brand essentials.

While the beauty industry does have brand incubation companies designed to deliver similar services, The Vertical Beauty Alliance looks to focus on end-to-end solutions in a collaborative way, raising the bar for industry expectations.

“We offer both domestic and global expertise in R&D, formulation, and production along with best-in-class creative for retail and brand experiential design and manufacturing. Our focus is to build The Vertical Beauty Alliance to offer unparalleled, collaborative solutions,” said Bruce E. Teitelbaum, CEO of RPG.

The businesses are stand-alone and will operate independently, yet collectively.

“We have an agreement in place to provide priority service to one another and align as needed. There is a good deal of coordination and working behind-the-scenes on behalf of our clients. The Vertical Beauty Alliance creates a partnership with diverse talents and expertise for optimal, seamless execution,” explained Bruce.

Furthermore, The Vertical Beauty Alliance will look to identify and harness the white space in retail categories, markets, and environments. From forecasting trends to providing in-store solutions, including displays, fixtures, retail environments, and data analytics, the alliance is poised to re-imagine turnkey product development and customer experience where digital meets brick and mortar.

The announcement of the new collective addresses many supply chain challenges companies faced over the past 12 months, but discussions and plans were well underway pre-pandemic. The group held back announcing its formation until the beginning of the year to welcome 2021 with a renewed sense of optimism, aspiration and expectation.

“For almost a year, the beauty industry has recognized that COVID-19 has been particularly challenging for brick and mortar retailers, especially those who focus on product interaction and experience. We’ve always acknowledged the importance of evolving our business model to meet both our clients’ needs and a changing consumer landscape,” said Bruce.