On Monday, cosmetic ingredient database, ClearForMe, announced its latest seed funding round, raising $150,000 to support the growth of its partnerships with both retailers and brands. The company, founded by former Wall Street executive, Sabrina Noorani, offers a cloud service that utilizes API to assist consumers with identifying cosmetics ingredients and enables brands to offer greater transparency. The company also announced a new partnership with clean beauty retailer, Credo, to create data-driven personalized shopping experiences designed to enhance customer experience and increase sales.

“Our mission is to empower consumers and raise awareness around what they are putting on their bodies through information that is clear and simple to understand,” said Sabrina, Founder and CEO. “By partnering with innovative companies such as Credo, it’s exciting to see our platform not only helping customers, but also driving more sales as a result of a transparent and customized shopping experience.”

Credo currently has over 65,000 ingredients listed in its product inventory and will be accessing ClearForMe’s database and content through plug-and-play APIs, with the goal of making it easier for customers to understand ingredients with user-friendly definitions. Customers will also be able to “shop by ingredient’ under the “Shop” tab on Credo’s website and use ClearForMe’s Product Finder to get personalized recommendations based on ingredients they want to include and exclude. For example, a user can search for a serum formulated with vitamin A and algae, but without fragrance and lanolin.

“The Credo customer is very educated and ingredient focused, so this tool allows them to easily navigate through the products without ever leaving our site,” said Dawn Dobras, CEO, Credo. “Our customer isn’t just looking for a single product, they want to learn about the ingredients and benefits, and in some cases, avoid certain ingredients. In our stores, they can speak with a staff member, but we wanted to translate that experience digitally. We are empowering our customers with both knowledge and confidence in their purchases.”