Intelligent Nutrients is launching two new anti-aging treatments, both of which use plant stem cells, the source of regeneration in plants, as well as algae bioactives, to encourage elastin and collagen mobility.

There’s a Revitalizing Moisture Crème, which has been formulated with gardenia plant stem cells, golden algae extract bioactives, glasswort extract and Intellimune super seed oil complex to help diffuse lines and wrinkles.

A Detoxifying Glycolic Gel contains sugar cane glycol, edelweiss, pennywort and coneflower plant stem cells to energize and brighten skin. The use of sugar glycol replaces the use of propylene glycol, a traditional but not natural anti-aging ingredient used in facials.

“After four treatments a client will see a dramatic difference in her skin,” said Sharon Hannigan, IN’s VP of Education and Sales. “The crème serves as more of a lotion than our current moisturizer, and also contains more properties to increase moisturization.”

Both items will be available May 6 on, as well as in more than 1,000 locations worldwide, including salons, spas, retail boutiques and stores. IN is also available at the Mall of America, the IN headquarters in Minneapolis. The brand is opening a second store in New York this September, to be located at One Fifth Avenue on the ground floor where a former flower shop once operated. It is also the building where Intelligent Nutrients’ late founder, Horst Rechelbacher, resided. The store, said Sharon, will actually function as a retail/salon space and will feature a high-profile, yet-to-be-announced European hair stylist. “There will be a cutting table with two to four styling chairs, which is very European, as well as a facialist.”

The crème will sell for $60 and is meant to be used in the morning and evening. The gel will sell for $65 and is designed to be used every other day.

Both items can be used with products that contain retinol.