In a recent blog, brand expert and CEO of Big Fish Marketing, Robin Fisher Roffer, writes how in business school, you’re taught about “Organizational Behavior.” During this lesson, you learn that there are two different kinds of people in business: Clock Builders and Time Tellers. The world needs both–those who create the vision (Clock Builders) and those that implement it (Time Tellers). Knowing which role you play best, said Robin, is essential to career fulfillment and happiness. If you’ve gotten off track and strayed away from your true calling, ask yourself these questions to determine if you’re in the wrong business.

___ Do you feel you’re not working in your passion?

___ Are you undervalued or under-utilized somehow?

___ Is the culture of your workplace not a good fit for you?

___ Do you tell your friends and family, “I’m in it for the paycheck?”
___ Does your boss put you down or pass you over for promotions?

___ Is your job a demoralizing experience?

___ Do you question your own abilities, capacities, or perceptions?

___ Do you feel like all you ever do is throw in the towel?

___ Are your suggestions met with a patronizing response?

___ Is there a lack of acceptance because you look or sound different?

___ Do you dread going to the office and wish you could dash it all?

If you answered “yes” to two or more questions, Robin suggests it’s time to redirect your career or business towards something you’re passionate about – something that you can do that really matters. To read the full article, visit Big Fish Marketing.