Following a long line of shows purporting to be the “Project Runway” of beauty, YouTube is creating a new one — with an influencer spin. Former CoverGirl spokesperson, beauty influencer and vlogger, James Charles, will host, direct and executive produce a reality competition show featuring makeup artists. One winner will walk away with a $50,000 cash prize. Of course, in addition to the cash is the exposure Charles can provide to an aspiring makeup vlogger to help boost their YouTube career. The show’s working title “James Charles Instant Influencer” is scheduled to stream in the spring on Charles’ YouTube channel with weekly episodes.

Charles’ built-in audience will no doubt be integral to this show’s success. The Los Angeles based 20-year-old is one of the most popular makeup-centric YouTubers. He currently has a following of 16.3 million subscribers on the channel, in addition to 15.9 Instagram followers. On Twitter, he boasts a following of 4.3 million.

YouTube will fund the four-part series. The social network will include it as part of its revamped originals offerings which will focus on learning content that’s personality-driven. The show will be free to consumers, and will feature advertising. Charles and various guest celebrity judges and industry veterans will select the final winner, who will embody a beauty micro-influencer actively posting content but haven’t been discovered yet.