The new year kicks off with products that prioritize pandemic-related market demands, from supplements designed to boost internal heath to multi-functional skin care products. Here the brands that have the goods and how they’re getting their messages out to the masses.

Dermalogica Neck Fit Contour Serum
Waitlist worthy: The lightweight, roll-on serum is designed to immediately tighten skin and tone it over time, for a more visibly lifted and sculpted appearance. It also utilizes the power of griffonia seed extract with the goal of protecting skin against pollution, as well as rye seed extract, palmitoyl tripeptide-42 and rambutan extract, that are designed to work together to deliver retinol-like results. As an added bonus, the serum comes with a personalized neck workout to help sculpt the area.
Marketing plan: “Our marketing plans for Neck Fit Contour Serum take a 360-approach, including paid and earned media, influencer support, consumer sampling, and initiatives that help educate consumers around why the skin on the neck is more delicate and prone to aging than other areas on the body,” said Lauren Consiglio, VP, US Marketing & Global Programs. “We’ll kick off the launch the first week of January with a week of digital programming on Instagram Live, focusing on education around neck health, movement and anatomy. We’re also launching a tool at that demonstrates instructional videos designed to target and tone various points of the neck. The videos can be used by consumers in conjunction with the product or without and will live on our website product page as an educational tool.”
Price: $82
Availability: January 7 at,,,, Dermalogica spas, salons and skin center

Summer Fridays Cloud Dew Oil-Free Gel Cream
Waitlist worthy: The lightweight gel cream features three types of hyaluronic acid, as well as ceramides, minerals and amino acids that aim to help boost skin’s moisture barrier. Antioxidants and brightening pineapple enzymes are also featured in the formula and are meant to help to visibly improve skin tone and texture. “When we launched Summer Fridays with Jet Lag Mask, we learned early on that our customer loves hydrating and moisturizing products. With the success of our hero SKU, our customers wanted a lighter moisturizer option for the days or seasons when Jet Lag Mask may be too hydrating,” said Marianna Hewitt, Co-Founder. “Cloud Dew Oil-Free Gel Cream is another product born out of our community’s requests for a daytime product that was oil-free, with the most beautiful gel texture that glides on skin for the perfect dewy smooth finish.”
Marketing plan: “With Cloud Dew Oil-Free Gel Cream as part of our morning routine, we will be continuing our VIP Deliveries in both LA, NY and the UK with custom cereal, milk, coffee and even a Cloud Dew morning newspaper – just to name a few of the surprises,” said Marianna. “We will be sending VIP Mailers to arrive the day before our Cloud Dew launch to PR Editors both in the US and UK along with our most loyal Summer Fridays community members. We will also be including ‘Slow Mornings with Cloud Dew’ as our overall brand messaging to remind our community to slow down, self-care and start your mornings. This messaging will be seen through Instagram takeovers, sponsored content and storytelling through our Instagram. Additionally, we will be leaning into TikTok as a platform for new content, reviews and storytelling. For launch, we will be partnering with EmiJay on a limited-edition Cloud Dew Hair Clip that pairs with the Pantone of the product.”
Price: $42
Availability: January 5 at Sephora stores and

HoliFrog Halo AHA + BHA Evening Serum
Waitlist worthy:  Designed to retexturize skin and provide hydration, the serum features a 11 percent AHA/BHA blend along with moth bean extract, which is said to be a natural alternative to retinol.  Nourishing plant oils, such as rosehip tamanu and prickly pear aim to buffer the potential harshness of the chemical exfoliants, while providing moisture.
Marketing plan: “As a one-year-old brand, our marketing strategy in past launches has really been press and influencer focused. For Halo, in addition to these facets which will put the product into over 500 hands, we will actually be deploying a more traditional marketing approach,” said Emily Parr, Co-founder. “This will entail newsletter marketing to HoliFrog subscribers as well as a paid digital spend on Facebook and Google. We’re also partnering with Dermstore on the launch of Halo, so they will have the exclusive for the first month. This will include homepage placement, a dedicated email blast to all Dermstore customers, and social media support.”
Price: $62
Availability: January 12, exclusively at Dermstore

Whimsy Official Halcyon Botanic Serum
Waitlist worthy: The supplement brand’s first foray into skin care, Whimsy Official’s Halcyon Botanic Serum has been formulated with the goal of mimicking the skin’s natural sebum while providing a full spectrum of protective vitamins and nutrients. The serum features 8 pure, cold-pressed botanicals that are designed to work in tandem to purify pores, hydrate, reduce redness and inflammation, and reduce the appearance of aging.
Marketing plan: Whimsy Official will begin teasing Halcyon Botanic Serum content on Instagram and Pinterest 8-10 days before the launch. Select influencers will receive the serum along with a limited-edition OFFICIAL newspaper broadsheet. The editorial-style broadsheet will include useful and fun information about Halcyon Botanic Serum which will create an interactive Instagram moment for influencers to post using the hashtag #TheHalcyonEffect. On the day of launch, founders Victoria McAbee and Jasmine Lee will post an Instagram IGTV to speak in-depth about the serum’s inspiration and benefits. The Whimsy Official team will also send out email marketing campaigns to their subscriber list as well as leverage Pinterest advertising.
Price: $95
Availability: January 19 at

Waitlist worthy: TooD, which is short for attitude, is a genderless beauty brand by Iranian-American founder, Shari Siadatwill. The line will debut with vibrant, clean color cosmetics including, 10 Brow Color Creams, 2 Brow Products and 2 TooD Tools.
Marketing plan: “We will shine a light on the untold beauty story, of how you can turn your pain into power and of how your unique identity is your birthright. We are not following a traditional beauty ‘performance’ dictating what beauty is, instead we are showing through our campaign a fresh perspective on a new era that’s about to be born.  We believe that it’s time to dismantle this age of ‘curated diversity’.  Diversity isn’t a box to be checked off – it’s a part of our ethos to tell the stories that have been left unsaid,” said Shari. “Through our friends, family and supporters we will launch on January 4 and showcase our campaign, cast and crew through the power of our digital channels, allowing our TooD collective to share their real stories and perspectives centered around beauty and self-love. Our marketing mix speaks to unmet needs in the marketplace at all consumer touch points – from new product development, ensuring we are not adding more waste to an overcrowded beauty market by developing products that have not existed- all the way to how the advertising messages are ultimately delivered through visuals. Expect an unexpected blend that will stimulate the senses and empower individuality.”
Price: $17 to $26
Availability: January 5 on

Saint Jane The C-Drops
Waitlist worthy: The C-Drops will be the first vitamin C and CBD combination serum at Sephora. “I’ve had a love affair with vitamin C for years, but my holy grail blend didn’t exist. I wanted an intensely potent level of vitamin C with calming properties, a meticulously clean formula, and instant, glowy results,” said Casey Georgeson, CEO and Founder.
Marketing plan: “To support the launch of The C-Drops at Sephora, we are focusing on the innovative formula and the powerful results via social media, paid media, and PR.  Messaging will be focused on education around the innovative and meticulously clean formula which has a truly unique form of Vitamin C that is encapsulated in glycerin to ensure absorption into the deepest layers of the skin. This innovation also ensures that this serum with high concentrations of both vitamin C (20%) and CBD (500mg) is especially good for those with sensitive and reactive skin types.”
Price: $90
Availability: January 1 at Sephora

HAIRtamin’s IMMUNEtamin
Waitlist worthy: This new supplement features 18 ingredients including a blend of bioavailable vitamins, minerals, herbs, prebiotics, probiotics, adaptogens and super antioxidants for optimal defense that are designed to support the immune and respiratory system all year-round. Ingredient highlights include vitamin A, C D3, B12, zinc and selenium which aims to supports cell growth, metabolism system function and keep bones strong. The adaptogen blend features ashwagandha, astragulus, turkey tail mushroom, goldenseal root, garlic, bee propolis, elderberry and echinacea purpurea with the goal of reducing stress and boosts the overall immune system. The suggested serving size is 1 vegetarian capsule per day.
Marketing plan: “Our message and mission with IMMUNEtamin is to educate consumers about the importance of boosting our immune system naturally,” said Leyla Milani, Founder. “With more than half of the US population having significant vitamin deficiencies and the ongoing pandemic, now-more than ever, we need to start taking better care of our bodies so we can live longer, healthier, happier lives. Our marketing strategy will consist of storytelling via our social media platforms, email and SMS marketing, influencer activations, digital advertising and PR.”
Price: $25 for a 30-day supply
Availability: January 1 on