Tribe Dynamics shared the top cosmetics brands on social media for the month of March, revealing their Earned Media Value (EMV), a prescribed metric that quantifies the estimated value of publicity gained through digital earned media and its respective engagement levels. Tribe’s holistic approach assigns a specific dollar value to each piece of content, based on the publishing channel’s perceived value of digital word-of-mouth to brands within the industry. EMV serves as a tool for benchmarking across marketing activities and across brands.

Top Brands

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills – $52,435.007

2. MAC – $33,277,592

3. Tarte – $33,078,071

4. Benefit – $32,765,476

5. Urban Decay – $27,647,825
6. Too Faced – $26,447,230
7. NYX – $23,137,530
8. Morphe – $21,036,956

9. Maybelline – $20,348,643

10. ColourPop – $20, 212,695

Brand Spotlight: Maybelline

|Maybelline kicked off a summer of product launches with its June #MNYBeautyBash at The Line Hotel in LA, featuring the brand’s most valued influencers, to celebrate upcoming Maybelline products. The event highlighted one of the brand’s most prominent faces, supermodel Gigi Hadid; however, Maybelline ensured that the spotlight was shared with its family of beauty enthusiasts and content creators. Influencers Sazanhendrix and amandaensing posted photos with Hadid on their Instagrams, which drove $89.2K and $101.4K EMV, respectively. The brand’s high regard for content creators translated into EMV, as #MNYBeautyBash attendees responded with emotionally resonant content further fueled by Maybelline’s ongoing, empowering campaign, “Make it happen.” Thanks to its influencer partnerships, #MNYBeautyBash generated a total of $1.9M EMV for the brand in June. Maybelline continued to invite influencers to share beauty “hacks” with their followers in June. Beauty bloggers irisbeilin and stilettobeatss, to name just a few, collaborated with the brand to create tutorial videos using Maybelline’s brow and concealer products. By positioning these creators as authorities, the brand demonstrated its respect for their craft and engaged their talents to reach their followers.

Maybelline’s consistent promotion of influencers as creative agents helped the brand connect more authentically with its users. As a result, influencers and followers drove a combined $160.1K EMV for #MNYBrows and #MNYConceal. Maybelline’s monthly total of $20.3M EMV pushed the brand into June’s top 10 EMV-driving makeup brands.

Brand Spotlight: Too Faced

In June, Too Faced flew powerhouse influencer NikkieTutorials to its Southern California headquarters to celebrate her “Power of Makeup” collaboration with the brand. Her continued loyalty to Too Faced also made the 22-year-old influencer an ideal partner for collaboration: over the past quarter (April 2016 to June 2016), Nikkie drove $6.0M EMV across 92 posts, demonstrating preference for a wide range of the brand’s products. In June alone, the influencer generated $2.1M EMV for the brand. Rather than throw a largescale launch event, Too Faced hosted an intimate dinner for Nikkie’s friends and fellow influencers in Huntington Beach, where the guests each received the Power of Makeup collection pre-release. Jeffreestar filmed a high-engagement “Get Ready in My Rolls Royce” video ($166.7K EMV) with Nikkie, which featured the duo applying their makeup before the celebration. At the dinner, Nikkie insisted that her best friend, kkimthai, receive the first Power of Makeup palette, even though influencer boasts a smaller audience (213K Instagram followers) than the other attendees, which included jeffreestar (3.3M followers), mannymua733 (2.5M followers). Kkimthai was so moved by the gesture it compelled her to create $567.3K EMV in over 15 expressive posts.

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