Klorane is positioned for growth.

The European hair and skin care brand owned by Pierre Fabre recently entered Ulta Beauty, marking Klorane’s greatest retail footprint nationwide. Klorane’s entry into 974 Ulta Beauty stores will begin with a strong assortment of Klorane hair care products, including Klorane’s Dry Shampoo range and the Chamomilerange, which is formulated to enhance blond highlights. Items will be merchandised in the prestige section of stores, alongside brands including Living Proof and Alterna.

Klorane executives said they have been continuing to see strong double-digit year-over-year growth in sales from the brand as “more and more consumers seek out natural, clean and plant-based products that can deliver results,” said Jacqueline Flam, Vice President, Retail and Salon. “While we don’t share sales, the brand is planned to double current sales in the coming years.”

Operating as a leader in plant-based, sustainably-sourced hair and face care since 1965, the brand’s marketing strategy is focused on continuing to develop natural, efficacious products for the modern woman.

“You don’t need to spend a lot to get a great quality product and you don’t need to sacrifice results when you choose natural products. In the coming years we will be looking to diversify our product offer into categories outside of those we are playing in today (hair and face care) in the States,” said Jacqueline.

Digitally, Klorane is focusing a more significant percentage of its marketing budget to influencer marketing and strategic sampling to drive brand awareness within its core demographic.

“We executed our first ever National Dry Shampoo day on March 12, 2017, which was a huge success in driving brand interest around our iconic dry shampoo collection, and worked with key influencers and retail partners on content to drive education and awareness for that fast-growing category,” Jacqueline said.