In the face of ever-accelerating trends, L’Oréal USA has created an in-house digital content studio that will produce dynamic, trend-driven content for its stable of brands.

Agility is king when it comes to content creation. And L’Oréal USA’s new in-house content studio, The Beauty Terminal, is charged with delivering social content production, e-commerce assets and influencer projects – at a fast and nimble pace – for all of its brands.

“For years, the demand for social and digital content has increased across every platform,” said Marie Gulin-Merle, Chief Marketing Officer, L’Oréal USA. “Content trends now come and go at a record pace and our audiences are consuming this media faster than ever. Having The Beauty Terminal, a dedicated place for content creation, gives L’Oréal brand teams the ability to create, edit and post-produce content with speed and agility so we have more relevant, dynamic content to engage and delight our customers faster.”

L’Oréal has long emphasized the importance of embracing digital transformation as a key part of its mission.

The Beauty Terminal is nearly 3,000 square feet, and features two professional-grade studios. The first studio is equipped with full video and photo capabilities, including a premium ‘influencer lounge’, as well as a wardrobe/makeup fitting area. The second studio is designed for smaller productions, and includes full professional photo capabilities. There is also a sound-proof editing bay for video production and editing.

“Any and all types of social and digital content can be created at The Beauty Terminal, from beauty tutorials, to ‘Always On’ content like product laydowns, shade ranges, before/afters, step-by-step applications, routines, e-commerce assets, and more across all social, digital and e-commerce channels. We want to engage and connect with our consumers faster, and in new and interesting ways,” said Marie.

To best serve the needs of all L’Oréal’s brands, they were involved from the outset in the creation of The Beauty Terminal. “Even before we began designing the space, we created a Studios Steering Committee with representatives from our 30+ brands to ensure we were taking in any requirements and feedback directly from the brand teams who would later use it,” said Marie. “We met with them regularly and collaborated on every aspect of the space to ensure The Beauty Terminal fit their needs.”

The Beauty Terminal is L’Oréal USA’s largest in-house photo and video content production studio, located near their Manhattan headquarters. It is open to all L’Oréal USA employees.