Lucia (Lucy) Perdomo-Ruehlemann, Chief Marketing Officer of Fresh at LVMH, believes that being present, building heart share (in addition to market share) and leading by example has helped catapult her career. Learn more about Lucy’s successes—and how CEW has played a role in them—in this interview for CEW’s beauty news and information site, Beauty Insider.

CEW Beauty Insider: As CMO at Fresh, what are some of the skills you have honed over the course of your career that bring success to your daily role?

Lucy Perdomo-Ruehlemann:

Being present and staying connected with my team, business partners and consumers. I will get up early to respond to the emails that got away, or pick up the phone to call my marketing partner in Asia just to see how she is doing. I feel that putting in the effort to listen and understand whoever is on the other side has always served me well.

BI: What about your job excites you most?
LPR: Building what I call heart share. If the work I do connects with consumers and gives them a reason to believe, the market share will follow, but touching their heart is priceless and drives me to dream big.

BI: What are some of your leadership tips, i.e., how do you lead your team?
LPR: I try to lead by example and empower my team members to rise to their potential. I also strive to create a warm family environment that values collaboration across functions and markets.

BI: When you joined CEW, do you recall your main motivation for joining?
LPR: I viewed CEW as the epicenter of where beauty and female leadership thrived. I wanted to join a community of fearless women that not only inspired me, but also provided an incredibly close network of support that is unique to the beauty industry.

BI: How has being a member helped your career?
LPR: CEW has motivated me to be courageous and take risks. Whether it’s attending the inspiring Achiever Awards, or catching up with a CEW member, I am constantly humbled by the accomplishments of my peers and it’s a reminder to work hard and always believe in yourself.

BI: What three pieces of advice would you give to new marketers in the beauty industry?

LPR: First, do your homework. I have children, and it’s mandatory that they take their studies seriously. I don’t think that changes when you become an adult and have a career. Putting in the time to understand a report or a new discipline is crucial for staying ahead of the curve, not falling behind. Second, my mom always told me it’s not what you say, but how you say it. Be mindful of your audience and be sure you are tailoring your message to them in the right way so it’s as effective as possible. Finally, find your passion. I pinch myself every day because I am so grateful that I get to wake up and work for a brand and an industry I love. I encourage everybody to find their passion so they can live their dreams.

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