M.A.C’s newest collaboration is with Patrick Starrr, social media phenomenon, celebrity makeup artist and entertainer, who will be releasing five collections with the brand over the course of the next year, starting with a Holiday Collection.

Patrick Starrr has come full circle.

The mega-influencer, who began his career at a M.A.C counter in a mall in Orlando, Florida, is collaborating with the global brand on an entire year of launches as Key Artist Collaborator, a role that was created specifically for Patrick in honor of his makeup artistry and multifaceted talents.

“Since this was a truly unique take on collaborations, we gave Patrick a special title with the brand,” said Catherine Bomboy Dougherty, Senior Vice President, M.A.C Cosmetics. “In his role, Patrick is working with us on a long-term, multi-collection partnership starting in December 2017. Patrick is the creator, model, art director, social strategist, editor, makeup artist and product development expert all in one.”

The collaboration, which has been in the works for approximately two years, consists of five collections with the brand. “Patrick has full creative reign to conceptualize products, packaging, looks, campaign visuals, education, events and social strategies,” said Catherine. “Each collection will have special packaging which he helped to create, as well as each texture of the products. They all have different moods and evoke different feelings based on seasons and trends.”

The collaboration is based on Patrick’s “makeup is a one-size-fits-all” philosophy, in keeping with the celebrity makeup artist’s well-known advocacy for inclusivity and individuality in beauty. “Patrick’s motto truly embodies M.A.C’s vision of all ages, all races, all genders and embraces individuality, acceptance, and the power of community,” said Catherine.

Patrick Starrr’s close relationship with his community will also play a key role in conceptualizing the collections, incorporating insights from his followers and enabling M.A.C to help formulate consumer launch strategies. “We love Patrick’s connection with his fans, and really wanted this collaboration to not only be a celebration of Patrick, but of all his fans.”

The first collection launches online and in-store on December 14 and consists of three lipsticks, three lip glosses, three lip pencils, two eyeshadow kits and a setting powder designed for all ages and skin tones. “The powder is of particular importance to Patrick as it is a key product used to get his signature face look using the baking technique and is the must-have to create the look.”

With his 3.7 million followers on Instagram, Patrick will of course be leveraging his social media influence. “Patrick helped us conceptualize influencer and consumer launch events in LA, NY and the Philippines to further bring this collection to life,” said Catherine.

“We are excited by Patrick’s growth trajectory of global appeal. We plan on bringing him to multiple global cities for events with the brand to connect with his followers and the M.A.C brand abroad throughout 2018.”