M.A.C Viva Glam has announced its 2021 annual collaboration partner, the Keith Haring Foundation, one that looks to raise millions of dollars for HIV/AIDS awareness and treatment from the sale of a new product collection. One hundred percent of sales will be donated to the M.A.C. Viva Glam Fund.

The product collab has yielded three special lipsticks based on the late pop artist’s signature primary color palette of red, yellow, and blue in matte and frost finishes. The idea behind the unusual shade choices was to inspire experimentation among users. Lipstick cases will represent Keith’s symbolic street-style imagery. Each will retail for $19.

“We’re just so humbled and honored to partner with the Keith Haring Foundation and to pay tribute to the icon that Keith Haring was. It’s the first time that we are collaborating with a posthumous partner, and it is the perfect match for Viva Glam. The first point of convergence is that M.A.C is contemporary and launched in the Eighties as a rule-breaking artistry brand. Keith Haring’s groundbreaking work was happening right in the center of New York’s subculture at the same time. The second point of convergence is that both brands use their voices to transform society and advance issues that we really believe need to be put in the spotlight,” said Aida Moudachirou Rebois, M.A.C Cosmetics SVP of Global Marketing.

Keith was known for using his art to raise awareness of AIDS, and when the crisis grew and his own illness came about, he wanted to destigmatize how AIDS was perceived and bring together people to help advocate for change and to find a cure for the disease. Keith died in 1990 of AIDS-related complications, but his work didn’t stop. His legacy lives on in both his public artworks that he created around the world, but also in the work of the Keith Haring Foundation, a nonprofit organization designed to educate disadvantaged youth about HIV and AIDS.

“It appeared we had many of the same partners and NGOs, such as the LGBT Center in New York City and Positive East in the U.K. For us it’s an honor that the Keith Haring Foundation has agreed to join forces with us so we can together use art to drive positive change,” said Aida.

M.A.C will tap into their global network of makeup artists who serve as content creators to help announce the collaboration and spread the word about the campaign. M.A.C’s global handle of 24 million followers look to drive awareness of the partnership on Instagram and TikTok.

“They’re our boots on the ground. I think the first thing that will happen is that they will unleash creativity because they will be driving a social challenge to create looks with the new M.A.C Viva Glam x Keith Haring collection,” said Aida.

M.A.C wanted to ensure the campaign wasn’t just another piece of content, but rather a work of art. So M.A.C paired up with young Australian artist Bryce Anderson to bring the product collection to life.

“For us, [the product launch] is beyond being commercial, it’s really making sure that we stay true and authentic to what Keith Haring would love to see,” said Aida.

M.A.C was created 27 years ago by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo, which coincided with the height of the global AIDS epidemic. In an innovative move, the brand decided to create a lipstick that would generate awareness and sales to help those suffering from AIDS and named its first spokesperson, RuPaul, the Black drag queen, to bring attention to the campaign. Over the past 27 years, M.A.C Viva Glam has raised $500 million to support 1,800 organizations globally.

And the campaign’s mission has evolved with the times.

“Today you may say HIV/AIDS is no longer top of mind. This year actually marks the 40th anniversary of the first AIDS-related case reported by the CDC. And the consequences of the disease have a tremendous impact on entire communities such as women and children and LGBTQ+ who are disproportionately affected as they’re frequently discriminated against or marginalized. To that end, we have expanded our mission to not only end HIV and AIDS, but to go further and fight for healthy futures and equal rights for women, girls and the LGBTQ+ communities,” said Aida.