After two years of research and development, M.A.C Cosmetics has launched its biggest innovation of 2022: MAC Stack Mascara, a product that allows consumers infinite layers of product to be stacked without clumping. The innovative formula works for all lash types and is ideal to create multiple looks.

“We wanted to make this eye-catching because it’s a mascara!” said M.A.C Cosmetics Creative Director Drew Elliott at the virtual event the brand held for beauty writers and editors. “It all started with the magical gazing ball at top, almost like a mirror. Bringing all these components to life to show how this mascara would perform. Something inspiring to start your day.” Drew added that whether it’s a few stacks for a natural look or really layered on for a dramatic look, it’s about the individual. “You decide what it is and it will deliver on those things,” he said.

“We are always working to bring to life the vision of our founders, which brings to life the beauty of everyone—13,000 artists around the globe shape the products we develop,” said Aïda Moudachirou-Rébois, Global Chief Marketing Officer at M.A.C Cosmetics. “Our communities aren’t shy to voice what they want and what can be better.”

“Lashes are becoming as versatile and self-expressive as eyeliner, which is perfect for mac stack because of the infinite customization,” said Cat Quinn, M.A.C Cosmetics Executive Director, Global Trend. “The 2022 Tiktok hashtag ‘lashes’ has 7.9 billion views.”

Two Brushes to Hit Every Angle

M.A.C Cosmetics created two brush options for the new formula. The first is the Superstack Mega Brush, which features a longer, narrower brush for those with longer lashes or amplifying the upper lashes.

The second brush is the Superstack Micro Brush, which features a shorter, thicker brush that’s perfect for people with shorter lashes or defining lower lashes. Both brushes feature petal-shaped, staggered, and multifaceted bristles designed to hit every angle.

Formulas are a Triple Threat

The M.A.C Stack Mascara incorporates a mix of three things: Fibre Melt Technology, Vita Gel, and Lash Flex Polymer, so individuals can customize their lashes for any look. Fibre Melt Technology provides lightweight application and flake-proof lashes, delivering a plumped eyelash look while the plant-based Vita Gel gives buildability that also allows for easy, gentle removal. The Lash Flex Polymer locks the look in, ensuring it will last all day long.

M.A.C Stack Mascara hits virtual and IRL shelves on March 1, 2022 and retails for $28 for the M.A.C Stack Mega Mascara, $28 for M.A.C Stack Micro Mascara and $16 for M.A.C Stack Mega Mascara Mini. The new mascaras are available at and M.A.C stores.