Macy’s flagship on 34th Street is looking to get more intimate with beauty consumers. Recently, the department store launched Beauty Scene: Beauty on Display, an enclosed beauty lounge on the main floor where consumers can play with and purchase products. According to Nata Dvir, General Business Manager, Beauty and Fragrances at Macy’s, the effort is designed to encourage shoppers to discover brands in new ways, and to also provide the ideal Instagrammable moment. Here, CEW Beauty Insider spoke with Nata to get the 411 on the project.

CEW Beauty Insider: Describe what Beauty Scene is and what it’s designed to do.

Nata Dvir: Beauty on Display is an experiential retail concept within Macy’s beauty floor that creates a tactile and aspirational shopping experience. We want our customer to feel like she can experiment and have a positive, memorable and playful experience as she shops. The activation is also meant to encourage shoppers to discover new brands in new ways while simultaneously providing them with an engaging experience that will have them coming back for more.

BI: What are the dimensions of the space, and how are brands selected?

ND: The total space is 270-square feet, inclusive of the room and the welcome area with a dedicated register. The brands and products were curated by our Fashion Office and Macy’s beauty teams, which highlight top trends and new brands. For this iteration, we highlighted some of the most sought-after items for fall, with each vanity representing a different assortment of brands across several areas of beauty and fragrance. All the brands in the room are shoppable at Macy’s and on, as well as having an area outside the room where she can purchase her favorite items.

BI: How many beauty advisors are manning the space?

ND: Beauty on Display is staffed by four knowledgeable and enthusiastic beauty advisors.

BI: Talk about Beauty Scene’s theme and how often this will revolve?


The space will evolve every six to eight weeks, to keep it fresh. The current theme is a boudoir, meant to feel luxurious and intimate, yet make our customer feel beautiful. The gold and glam wallpaper complemented by purple velvet curtains give off décor envy and set the perfect mood. The claw foot bathtub is overflowing with flowers, making way for the perfect Instagrammable moment for visitors and friends. We’ve also included individual vanities, so our customers can feel glamourous and comfortable when trying on the featured products and makeup. There’s also a shoppable small goods and accessory wall with turban headbands and scrunchies, which are highly favored for fall, as well as must-have cosmetic bags, compacts and face mists, which round out the beauty experience.

BI: Are there plans for Beauty Scene to expand beyond Macy’s 34th Street?

ND: We’re always exploring new ways that we can create dynamic experiences for our customers on the Macy’s beauty floor. Shoppers will be able to continue experiencing newness as we continue innovating.