Innovation and foresight training firm,, says that making minor adjustments to everyday aspects of the workplace can make a big impact. That’s the inspiration behind Little BIGS: the idea that small changes create the biggest ripples. Here, several action-oriented Little BIGS as suggested by that you can apply to something as typical as your next “team meeting” to shake up the status quo:

1. Provide cell phone day care and minimize the temptation to multi-task. Just before the meeting starts, ask participants to set their phones to silent mode. Pass around a basket or box to store cell phones for the meeting’s duration.

2. Chair-free meetings keep participants alert and focused, which translate to shorter, more efficient sessions.

3. Unexpected venues prompt fresh thinking. Surprise the group by scheduling meetings outdoors, in a coffee shop, or over pedicures.

4. Meeting-free Fridays offer uninterrupted time for large-scale projects—or the chance to complete all the assignments employees received in this week’s meetings.

5. Bring the sandbox into the boardroom. Inspire creativity by introducing objects, such as LEGOs, crayons, de-stresser squeeze toys, etc., during meetings.

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