Celebrity makeup artist and former Wilhelmina model Kim Baker has re-launched her makeup brand, Glamazon Beauty. With more than 20 years’ experience in the beauty industry, Kim’s makeup credits include working with Tom Cruise and Ving Rahmes for the “Mission Impossible” movie press junket. She’s also worked with Danica Patrick, Toni Braxton, John Legend and Dakota Fanning, to name a few, as well as T.V. shows including “America’s Next Top Model.” Here, Beauty News caught up with Kim to learn more about Glamazon Beauty’s point of difference, its target audience, and her advice for anyone starting a new business.

Beauty News: What is Glamazon Beauty’s point of difference?
Kim Baker: I am a makeup artist-led brand; it’s formulated by me and my team of chemists. I have been in the beauty business my entire adult life and I am true to this industry. I am not a woman who’s a celebrity and throwing my name on a product. I am authentic in the beauty space, first as a model who became one of the original pioneers of plus-size modeling. I did makeup at the beauty counters for Chanel, Fashion Fair and Bobbi Brown.

BN: How long has your brand been in the works?
I first launched Glamazon Beauty in 2016 into Ricky’s NYC, but we completely re-launched on Glamazonbeauty.com September 20.

BN: Can you speak about the brand’s aesthetic?
KB: The aesthetic of Glamazon Beauty is “the little black dress of beauty.” The black matte packaging shows elegance, and the gold shows boldness and strength of power all women should possess. Sexy and powerful.

BN: What are some of your hero products?
KB: Our hero products are our second skin foundation sticks ($39) and our Eye-Conic Concealer ($29). It was my dream to be known for our foundations and concealers and we delivered the goods. Skin first.

BN: Who is your target audience? 
KB: We are a beauty brand that wants all women to feel that their beauty matters. Glamazon Beauty is led by a woman of color, and I understand and appreciate all beauty. I create for people who love foundation, but my audience is those who love makeup and are skin care-conscious but hate the feeling of heavy makeup clogging their pores. I cater to people who want a concealer that lasts and doesn’t settle in lines. It’s for makeup lovers who love gloss but hate the tackiness. If you love high performance, Glamazon Beauty is your brand.

BN: How are you raising brand awareness?
KB: Our marketing strategy is an omni channel approach that consists of authenticity and transparent messaging to provide education and awareness. Via our social platforms, advertising, public relations, promotions and pop-up grassroots activities, Glamazon Beauty will reach women globally to provide efficacious products that enable them to be unapologetically beautiful.

BN: What special considerations did you make when creating the brand?
KB: I took into consideration that the big brands dominate the market but it’s a new day. Most eyes today are on indie brands. The big boys had decades to provide for multicultural beauties and ignored us—leaving billions on the table without ever attempting to understand our needs and our brand loyalty. And now, I’m here to let them know your beauty matters.

BN: Who is funding the brand?
KB: I am funding my brand by reinvesting, along with a friend of mine, who works on the business side of the company.

BN: What has been your biggest challenge when launching the brand?
KB: My biggest challenge has been trying to scale at a pace where I can take baby steps. I am not the brand that wants to rush to retail because I will only have one time to launch, and I want it to be at the right time. So, we are pacing ourselves.

BN: Any advice for others starting a brand?
KB: My advice for starting a brand is to be authentic and passionate and never allow anyone to tell you what you can and cannot do. If it’s your passion, stay the course and don’t quit. I say to myself all the time thank you God for not allowing me to ever quit.