Best-selling author Francis P. Cholle has been challenging corporate America’s business approach since his book, The Intuitive Compass (Fall 2011, Jossey-Bass), offered up a new model of strategic management, where sustainable value, leading by influence and playtime were presented as alternative strategies to succeed in the new economy. Cholle spoke with CEW Beauty Insider on the reasoning behind these three business approaches—and at least one of them includes having fun as a path to accelerated growth.

Put sustainable value at the heart of business strategy. In this particular economy, much of the focus is on return, a legitimate concept, but too narrow. Sustainable value, Cholle says, speaks to a much deeper part of a person, a more instinctual part, and it immediately fosters key factors of success, such as loyalty, agility and creativity. “Apple stores are incredibly successful and in-store sales keep growing. Yet in Apple stores, not one salesperson works on commission. By focusing on the relationship with the client, they focus on creating sustainable value rather than profit. They choose long term over short term, quality relationship over financial metrics.”

Lead by influence. Create a culture where leadership is not controlling. “Usually one of the ways someone conveys their power is with a corner office or an impressive title. Ex-Google chief executive officer Eric Schmidt was sharing an office that was probably 175 square feet with another executive. What signal did that send to other Google executives?

Take play seriously. Creativity lives in the subconscious part of the mind. To tap into creativity, one needs to enliven people in mind and heart and gut and that can only happen if there’s less mental control. The natural and most efficient way to do it is to play. It is now scientifically proven that play is the surest way to mobilize creativity and circumvent organizational inertia, i.e., the biggest hurdle in innovation and in management in general. At Google European headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, there’s a slide that goes from the main floor to a restaurant on a lower level. It’s a fun physical break to help Google employees loosen up and reconnect with one’s own imagination and adaptability.