The life of working women just got a bit easier thanks to Manicube, the New York-based company that provides in-office manicures in 15 minutes flat.

Launched in July 2012, privately-owned Manicube is the brainchild of former Beauty Bar employees Katina Mountanos and Liz Whitman, who set out to create a company that provides a basic—yet necessary—service to working women crunched for time.

“Manicube is really intended for the woman who sees getting a manicure as a chore rather than an indulgence…You will always have 15 minutes down time at work,” said Katina, whose clients include Gilt Group, Kiehl’s, Ogilvy, Quidsi and several small New York law firms.

She’s also serviced manicure events for Teen Vogue.

To book a manicure, a company manager needs to contact Manicube to arrange a time slot and date for their workplace service. Manicube then sets up a virtual schedule that allows people to book appointments online, as well as pre-pay and pre-tip, in an effort to further expedite the actual manicure process.

All manicurists [there are currently six] are New York State-licensed nail technicians trained in the Manicube protocol, which is a manicure that begins with a nail thorough cleansing, followed by a choice of Essie, OPI, Deborah Lippmann or Chanel polish, and finished with a quick-dry topcoat as well as quick-dry drops. All clients are provided an iPad preloaded with magazines and newspapers enabling them to peruse their favorite topics without smudging a nail.

“We typically do it in conference rooms although we do offer the option of desk-side manicures,” said Katina, who charges $15 per manicure. It cost an additional $3 if one chooses Chanel polish.

While in-house nail care provides tremendous convenience for working women (and even some men), it doesn’t come without its challenges. After all, one of the most distinctive features about nail polish as well as nail polish remover is that they emit powerful odors. Manicube has taken steps to lessen the intensity of the usually intrusive odor and is confident that their services will in no way worsen the air quality of any office.

“Some of the things we do to combat [the smell] is that is we don’t use acetone nail polish removers. The polish that we use most is Deborah Lippmann, which [we find] emits less [offensive] odor than other brands. We also bring odor neutralizing beads,” she added.

In addition to businesses, hospitals and schools have also expressed interest in bringing Manicube into their work world. Katina is enthusiastic about her company’s future and she hopes to expand to cities such as Chicago and Boston by year’s end.

“I think we want to branch out pretty soon… We want to make easier the lives of as many working women as we can.”