Marc Jacobs Beauty’s fall collection is focusing specifically on the collection’s name and theme, Portable Luxury—think travel-sized makeup for the gal on the go. The 22 new items join the ranks of the 160-plus products released over the past year.

Inspired by the word ‘pop’ the collection took 14 months to produce.

“It was the one word he said over and over again at the first meeting. He wanted a color and a component that popped and so that’s what we started with,” said Catherine Gore, Vice President and General Manager for Kendo Brands, Sephora’s private label arm. “We wanted to celebrate luxury while feeling proud to take these items out of your purse. They’re a little bit lighter, more portable and easy to carry.”

Twinkle Pop Eye Sticks ($28), offer nine shimmering shadows infused with Alpine Snow Water to help make eyes ‘pop’ with color and sparkle. Like many of his lines, the names for these clever glimmers were crafted after favorite film characters; Stardust, Shoshanna, Volver.Kiss Pop Color Stick ($28) which contains smart moisture technology, is Marc’s version of the chubby, though, like the Twinkle Pops, his are encased in a metallic-esque cylinder that mirrors the color of one of nine lipsticks found inside. There are also four Smart Wand Tinted Face Sticks ($42). Modeled after a mini deodorant stick, these deliver glide-on coverage while enveloping skin with a light-diffusing, antioxidant formula that contains coconut oil, green tea, and cucumber, among other ingredients.“There’s a trend in sticks coming back to complexion,” Catherine added. “These are protractible, retractable and travel friendly.”

Rounding out the collection is the next-generation of his successful mascara. O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara ($26) offers a double brush, one for lash separation and another for volume and curl.

Launching in August, the Portable Luxury product lines help celebrate the 1-year anniversary of his makeup, which has become successful worldwide.

“We’re in North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe and Singapore launched last week,” said Catherine. “We have this beautiful example of a global launch of a brand. And we’re really proud of the results so far.”

This summer the brand is also planning a new e-commerce website,, which in addition to offering existing products will provide exclusive access to limited-edition items. Customers can expect to see hand-sketches and notes from Marc, true-to-life product swatches, as well as videos.