CEW turned to three beauty executives who are redefining what it means to be a beauty entrepreneur. Here’s what Birchbox Co-founder and CEO, Katia Beauchamp; BeautyStat Founder and CEO, Ron Robinson; and Briogeo Founder & CEO, Nancy Twine, had to say about peer recognition and product recommendation.

Katia Beauchamp: “I have won an Achiever Award, and it was truly beyond an honor. Of course it legitimized us further to our partners, but for me personally it was a moment of stopping to see that we had an impact on such an incredible industry. It was probably my first moment of actually taking that in.”

Ron Robinson: “Recognition by industry experts means a lot because it’s coming from people who have seen and done it all. If these folks give you recognition, then you know you’ve done something special.”

Nancy Twine: “As a brand founder, I have been fortunate to have received a CEW Beauty Creators Award for Indie Hair Category and Best Shampoo/Conditioner. Being recognized by industry peers drives credibility and awareness that is beneficial for attracting the best talent and forging new, meaningful industry relationships. As a growing brand, industry recognition is as important as client recognition, as the former drives the ability to forge crucial industry relationships and opportunities (retail distribution, press, vendor introductions, etc.) that might have never been granted otherwise.”

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