As the Founder of hair, body and skin care company, Carol’s Daughter, Lisa Price entered into the world of CEW at a point when her brand was still independently owned, and participating in an industry organization program proved costly.

“Recognition by CEW for an individual or a brand is important because CEW is made up of industry insiders. And when you are an indie brand, it can feel a bit like being let into a very exclusive club. But, the cost of participation for events and product submissions, such as Beauty Creators Awards, can be difficult for indie brands,” Lisa said.

However, Lisa said she found participating in Beauty Creators Awards a great learning.

“My first ever encounter with CEW came from someone at CEW who called to suggest that I enter myself and my company into the Awards, back in 2003. She said, ‘This is a room you need to be in.’ She sent me all of the information for me to register. And I competed. It was hard for me and expensive, but it was a great learning and the first time in the 10 years I had been in business where I had a glimpse of this world of which I am a part today.”

Fast forward seven years and in 2010 Lisa was the recipient of CEW’s—and the beauty industry’s— highest honor, an Achiever Award, which recognized her for her leadership and business success. In 2014, Lisa’s company was purchased by L’Oréal USA. “It was meaningful to me in the sense that it made me feel as if I had arrived, if you will. It was that validation that I was a beauty executive even though my path was so vastly different from that year’s other recipients,” Lisa said. Honorees that year included executives from multinational companies such as Procter & Gamble, Estée Lauder and Avon.

As a Black woman, and a Black woman founder of a company, Lisa said seeing people who look like her at an event or gathering is critical to her feeling like she belongs. In those earlier years, Lisa said, she was one of very few Black beauty executives at CEW events.

“I saw what I loved and what I didn’t [in the beauty industry] and it helped me in charting my own course for the future. But, it was an overwhelming task and an expensive one for a brand my size back then. It was something I could not repeat until I was more established,” Lisa said.

Today, Lisa is considered one of the most successful brand founders in beauty. She often mentors young brands and founders, sharing her advice to help the next generation of beauty brands.  CEW is proud to have her as a CEW Beauty Creators Ambassador.

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