Alison Brod is known as much for her networking skills as she is for her success in signing the next big brand.

The President and Founder of Alison Brod Marketing + Communications—one of the most accomplished beauty marketing and communications agencies in the biz—lists L’Oréal, Garnier, Urban Decay, Flower by Drew Barrymore and goop beauty by Gwyneth Paltrow as clients, just to name a few.

The fact that she’s attended CEW’s Beauty Creators Awards for more than two decades spotlights her support of peer recognition, as well as rewarding innovation in beauty. And it’s why many of her clients enter the Beauty Creators Awards year after year.

“Peer recognition is the most satisfying recognition there is. Winning a CEW Beauty Creators Awards is glorious. The energy when they’re announced is crackling, and the cheers from the winning teams would make one think they were courtside at a Knicks game. The Awards make brands feel rewarded and motivated whether they win or lose. And I have found that the retailers do take note, which is really one of their main goals,” said Alison.

In addition to having behind-the-scenes knowledge of many brand launches and communication strategies, Alison is also an avid beauty consumer who’s always looking to give props to a product that cuts through the clutter and presents a unique point of difference. It’s why she was identified as a CEW Beauty Creators Awards Ambassador—to raise awareness and promote excitement for the program.

“We all own brands with colors or formulas that work particularly well for us. A specific shade of lipstick that looks great on me may not be ideal for someone else. However, if there is design innovation, I am shouting it out because in a world of stock packaging, things that are clever stand out and deserve praise. Also important is efficacy—does the color last extra long? Does the lash brush really separate the way it claims to? Is there a blend in the shimmer that never fails to catch the light? Is there a color that seems to be unique or edgy that people I know wouldn’t usually try but it really looks fantastic?” said Alison, on what makes a winning beauty product, and what would warrant her recommendation.

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