Who: Erica Culpepper, General Manager, Carol’s Daughter, SoftSheen Carson, and Thayers Natural Remedies at L’Oréal USA

CEW Member: since 2015

Biz Cred: Erica is best known within L’Oréal and the beauty industry as an inspirational leader with a relentless fighting spirit for her business, her team, and her consumer. She is an avid champion of women’s empowerment who has driven strategic initiatives across multiple functions including marketing, sales, acquisitions, business development, and organizational readiness/change management. One of her proudest accomplishments is being at the helm of a powerful portfolio that helps to shape, define, and foster a more inclusive beauty movement which honors the creativity and individuality of Black beauty, across skin tones, hair textures, body types, and lifestyles.

What quality does a product have to have in order for you to recommend it?
It has to have a ‘wow’ factor that stops me in my tracks and gives me something to talk about in a cool yet simple and provocative way. Something truly new, better and different than anything else on the market. It’s usually the triple threat of a compelling name, a fabulous pack, and an unexpected experience that wows me.

You’ve been awarded a CEW Beauty Creators Award. How was it meaningful?
It was one of the most exciting days ever. To come together with all of your teammates, your colleagues, and competitors from the beauty industry—there is an energy and excitement that are unmatched. There’s nothing like the feeling of hearing your name being called out as the winner. The best way I can describe it is validation, confirmation. All of your peers decided to vote for you. It definitely gives you bragging rights for the year.

Is recognition by the beauty industry important?
Absolutely yes! There’s something really special about earning your stripes and rightful place amongst the best in beauty. This makes them the gold standard, the crème de la crème. The most coveted. There is a sense of validation, credibility, authority, and expertise that comes from being recognized by your own. You feel like you truly are the best in beauty when you are honored and recognized by your own industry. It is also a great way to build strong teams and camaraderie, when you achieve this level of accomplishment and can celebrate the wins together.

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