Who: Linda Wells, Consultant; Founding Editor, Allure 

CEW Member: Forever

Biz Cred: Linda Wells has over 35 years of experience in beauty and fashion as a journalist, brand founder and brand builder. She is currently a beauty and fashion consultant for private and public companies. Her roles have included Chief Creative Officer at Revlon where, among many responsibilities, she conceived, produced and launched Flesh, the first new brand incubated at Revlon. She has contributed to many publications, including New York Magazines “The Cut” and produced “The Linda Wells Report,” a beauty magazine within Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Town & Country. From 1990 until 2015, Wells was the founding editor in chief of Allure magazine, allure.com, and the Allure video channel.

What quality does a product need to possess in order for you to recommend it? 
Ultimately, it has to perform. My friends and I are constantly sharing product recommendations, and the main consideration is performance. The product also has to feel like a discovery; something that isn’t known to the wider public. There’s pride in recommending an excellent discovery. I also look at the product founder to support independent brands, Black-owned brands, Asian-owned brands, and sustainable brands.

Why is an awards program voted on by beauty experts meaningful to the beauty industry?  
The Beauty Creators Awards always highlight the leading products in the field. It also shows what the industry stands behind—what each company promotes and rewards—in terms of their own products. Through the awards, you can assess the direction of the industry, product trends and successes. I also think the gathering of so many industry leaders [at one event] has enormous value. It’s a rare moment when colleagues and competitors mingle. When each winner goes onstage to accept an award, it’s a demonstration of individual and corporate success in a room of peers. That’s a big deal.

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