Who: Marianna Hewitt, Co- Founder, Summer Fridays

CEW member: Since 2018

Biz Cred: This OG super influencer is a leading voice in social media with more than 1 million followers. As a co-founder of Summer Fridays, the self-confessed beauty fanatic combines both her social presence and video tutorials to influence a diverse international audience—inspiring women everywhere to find beauty in all things. She is also the host of Life With Marianna, a top five fashion and beauty podcast.

What quality does a product need to possess in order for you to recommend it?
I get a gut feeling the first time I try a product—whether I will be obsessed with it and whether it’s something my friends or followers would want to hear about. If I keep grabbing it and reusing it, that’s a good sign. From there, I ask whether it works, do I like the brand and is there something unique about it that would make me recommend it over what I already own? I want to recommend things I know people will actually like, so I try my best to share products that will resonate with my audience.

Why is peer recognition important?
As a younger beauty brand, it’s such an honor to be recognized [by the industry.] To be [acknowledged] by other brand founders and beauty executives is encouraging.

You’ve been awarded a CEW Beauty Creators Award. What did it mean to you? 
Before launching Summer Fridays, I would see my friends attend the CEW Beauty Creators event and I always looked forward to the day that we would one day be able to attend “the Oscars of beauty.” It was something we always had as a goal in our mind, so being able to not only be nominated but to win in our first year was a memory we will never forget. Being in a room with so many brands and founders we admire so much felt so surreal—thinking that those we once admired were now our peers!

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