Who: Alina & Inessa Vike, Co-Founders, Vike Beauty

CEW Member: Since 2019

Biz Cred: While pursuing careers in finance, Alina’s and Inessa’s passion for beauty came to life in a joint Instagram account, @theviketwins, where the sisters posted makeup and hair video tutorials to inform others of their favorite beauty tips. Today their handle boasts 62K followers, and the duo has entered the world of beauty with Makeup Melt, a makeup remover.

What quality does a product need to possess in order for you to recommend it? 
The product must do what it says on the label. We’re big believers that claims made on products need to be backed up. Beyond the product, we also look for the brand to match our values. Are they vegan, cruelty-free, environmentally conscious?

You have won a CEW Beauty Creators Award. How was it meaningful?
Winning the CEW Beauty Award in 2019 for Rising Beauty Influencer was super meaningful to us and our brand. It gave us a platform—for people to be introduced to us and, later in 2019, to our brand, Vike Beauty. It gave us exposure to labs, buyers and editors. To this day, we have people remembering us from that CEW event. It helped us work with new brands and establish relationships with other influencers.

Is recognition by the beauty industry important?
Yes, recognition by the beauty industry is very important to us and our brand. To be recognized by people who share the same passion and applaud you for innovation brings exposure to your brand. It also gives your brand credibility that experts endorse your product.

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