Elana Drell-Szyfer is one of the most approachable C-suite executives in beauty—a good thing, as she’s on many people’s go-to list for advice, on everything from brand development to partnering with creative founders to mentorship.

Elana, who is the CEO of ReVive Skincare, has held multiple roles in beauty, from corporate executive at Estée Lauder to CEO of Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories. A CEW member since 2001, Elana has served on its board for almost a decade. Peer recognition, she said, is important and exhilarating—Elana was awarded CEW’s prestigious Achiever Award in 2020 for her accomplishments and leadership in the industry. “That was a career dream come true and the ultimate industry validation for the work I’ve done.” She has also been on the receiving end of a CEW Beauty Creators Award.

“One year, when I had the honor of working at Estée Lauder, we won five CEW Beauty Creators Awards. It was such an incredible moment for the brand and for the many teams of people who worked on those projects. Being recognized by the industry is exhilarating and something that everyone looks forward to. The peer and industry-organization recognition are so satisfying, [particularly] following the work that is put in to make the products and the launches so special.”

One of the many things that keeps Elana motivated in beauty is its people. “They’re passionate. And we are consumers—and demanding and discerning ones at that. So when your product is recognized by industry peers, it means your product has passed the test of the most knowledgeable, most experienced and frankly, toughest judges out there. This recognition is even more important and gratifying for that very reason.”

Elana’s passion for the importance of industry recognition, as well as what goes into making a successful beauty product, makes her the perfect choice as a CEW Beauty Creators Ambassador, where she will help raise awareness and excitement for this year’s program.

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