Millennials Don’t Know About Skin Care

Results of a March online skin care study by Total Beauty Media Group revealed marketing and education opportunities for Millennials in regard to skin care, most notably preventative skin cancer measures. Here are some stats that should evoke a call-to-action to Millennials, just as Skin Cancer Awareness Month kicks off, May 1.

* Millennials are the least knowledgeable about skin cancer causes, with less than 50 percent of respondents saying they are well-informed about the topic. Of women ages 18 to 24, one in five does not apply sunscreen regularly.

* Awareness/knowledge of melanoma is the greatest blind spot for women age 18 to 34, with only 83% recognizing that it is the deadliest form of skin cancer.

* Millennials make up the greatest portion of those who do not wear SPF at 21%. This raises a red flag since their lack of knowledge on melanoma may be linked to their lack of sunscreen usage.

* Despite Millennials being some of the most savvy Internet users, based on their lack of skin cancer knowledge, they arent learning about skin care there: More than 50 percent of women spend up to 30 minutes researching skin care products before making a purchase.

* Even though all women in the study identified wrinkles and fine lines as their greatest skin concerns, only 30 percent of Millennials moisturize at night, which can have an effect on skin’s appearance long-term.

* Among all women, dry skin sufferers spend the most money on skin care products each year: 42 percent of these respondents spend more than $200 annually.