With niche scents making up 10% of total fragrance sales, it’s no doubt innovation is on the rise. One of the newest games in town is Mixologie, a line of rollerball fragrance oils that looks to change the way perfume is done.

Mixologie’s blendable fragrance collection allows commitment-phobes the freedom to own eight alcohol-free rollerball scents in one cute kit—with the perk that each scent is blendable with its sister rollerballs. The kit comes equipped with seven “recipe cards” that serve as a guide as to which scents match best with which.

Mixologie was founded by Sammi Hill, who is based in Austin, Texas, who as immediately drawn to the make-your-own scent concept.

“Why are we buying bottles of perfume with someone else’s name on it?” she asked, adding that the scents created with Mixologie can become your own. “We personalize everything now, from playlists to color cosmetics. Why not fragrance?”

The scents in the kit, which retails for $75 on MyMixologie.com and in small boutiques, include a light floral (Serene), a rose floral (Inspired), ocean mist (Free), citrus twist (Electric), wild musk (Sultry), fruity (Tender), crisp vanilla (Tenacious) and natural (Assured.)

And for the fragrance lover who really likes to test something out before committing, the rollerballs are also sold individually for $16.