Molly Sims is revealing what she claims is Hollywood’s best kept secret for gorgeous hair: hair growth supplement, Viviscal. At a press event Thursday night, Molly, who is a model, actress, television host and author, celebrated her latest role as the brand’s new spokesperson, having been an authentic user of its Extra Strength hair vitamin for more than 20 years.

“As a model, you have the benefit of having friends from all over the world, so you get to learn about what’s hot in each country,” she explained. “A friend introduced me to the product in Paris when I was 21, and I loved it so much that I began to smuggle packets of it into my suitcase since it wasn’t available in the U.S. at the time.”

At the event, the 44-year-old mom-of-three hosted a runway show, where models donned T-shirts covered with phrases of different hair issues, such as “frizz freak” and “awfully oily,” which the supplement aims to treat using a combination of marine protein molecules, biotin, vitamin C and iron.

“I really like that the product has natural ingredients and it makes me feel good to take care of myself both on the inside and outside,” explained Molly, who said taking it is part of her everyday wellness routine, which also includes drinking a glass of warm water with lemon and cayenne every morning. “I feel like it’s a boyfriend I can’t get rid of since I’ve used in at every stage of my life,” she said.

Since being introduced to the brand, her affinity for the hair supplement grew as she used it on and off whenever her locks started falling out for various reasons, including transitioning her hair color from jet black to blonde early in her modeling career; losing her hair in chunks as an actress because of an inexperienced stylist; and, motherhood.

If Molly’s dream-like tousled blond hair doesn’t pique curiosity about the efficacy of the product, then the way her hazel eyes light up while talking about her experience using the brand will make users want to try it.

“I rarely attach my name to a brand, but I really believe in this product and I am proud to talk about it,” she said. “I do every chemical thing you can possibly do to your hair and it’s been my little secret for a long, long time. Many celebrities use it, but it has been secretive because I don’t think women like to talk about losing their hair. They don’t mind talking about color or shampoo, but hair loss or thinning is a tough topic. I know for me, as much as I hate to admit this, hair is part of my identity and its personal.”

During her

Beauty Insider interview, a friend called her cell phone, and Molly pointed to the screen and said, “This model right here uses Viviscal every day, but never talks about it! I don’t feel guilty about sharing this with everyone.”

For best results, the company recommends taking the Extra Strength hair vitamin daily for three to six months. A one-month supply is $50, and a three-month supply is $120, and is part of Viviscal’s complete range, which includes a shampoo and conditioner ($9), as well as a leave-in treatment ($20). The collection also has a line of hair filler fibers, priced up to $24, meant to provide instant coverage in sparse areas for thicker-looking hair.

As part of her role, Molly recently filmed a commercial for the brand, and will begin talking about it more on social media, and appear in several marketing promotions.