Stunning video is one of, if not the most, evocative way of cultivating a true connection between a brand and its audience. Beauty lends itself particularly well to this type of content, being sensorial and emotive at its core. The possibilities are near limitless when you’re working with color, nature, fascinating ingredients and remarkable faces to communicate and inspire.

MOSS is proud to partner with an array of incredible beauty brands, and to support them throughout their video production process. Here, a handpicked selection of the pieces MOSS has created in partnership with brands.

MOSS + Fresh Senses 

MOSS’s partnership with Fresh spans several years, and their brand video, Fresh Senses, is a beautiful study in sensorial creative that conveys the essence of this nature-infused brand. A journey in every jar – that’s what Fresh is about. To take the audience along on those journeys with them, and share a close look at ingredient sourcing, formula development, and ultimately the feeling of beauty. Fresh plays to all the viewer’s senses. There is sound and visuals, but there is also texture (from intricate flowers to sweeping landscapes), as well as smell and even taste.

“How does beauty feel?” the piece asks, and rather than telling the audience, it shows them, in every way imaginable. The viewer is transported to a sphere that is as powerful as it is fragile; nature, harnessed in each and every jar that Fresh produces. Words like strong, clear, and lifted strengthen the messaging, but they’re really only there as guides on the journey through countless places of essential beauty.

MOSS + Fresh Kombucha Cleansing Treatment

Kombucha is one of Fresh’s main key ingredients, known for its prebiotic and cleansing properties – conveyed through the signature sensorial lens in this piece. Here, however, the visual brand style is combined with a voiceover outlining the scientific findings from the product, and so leans slightly towards the more informative and factual. This is further underpinned by shots from the research lab, emulating Fresh’s methodological and research-driven approach to beauty formulas. The piece showcases how to eloquently incorporate the multidimensional nature of innovative beauty brands in a video that’s both evocative and educational.

MOSS + Origins GinZing

For their 72-hour challenge, Origins needed a high-paced, punchy, and driven campaign that conveyed nature’s beauty as much as it did an urgency to preserve it. In just 15 seconds, this video highlights the key components of the brand’s GinZing 72-hour challenge, motivates mobilization (on both a personal and community level), and showcases the campaign’s main product. Origins’ core mission of respecting both the well-being of skin and the planet is subtly conveyed throughout, with macro imagery of vast forests and close-ups of GinZing’s hydrating properties. All in all, it makes effective use of each second, showcasing how a time-sensitive campaign can be turned into an evergreen piece of high-video content that echoes brand identity.

MOSS + Drunk Elephant A Passioni

Drunk Elephant is a brand identity full of colour, innovation and playful personality, and their video pieces reflect this to a T. For their A Passioni Retinol Cream, MOSS partnered with the brand to create a campaign that offered comprehensive information on benefits and formula, while remaining vibrant and energetic. The scientific run-down of this cutting-edge product coupled with a catchy beat and playful animations to a bright, fuchsia backdrop did just that. It’s a great example of how learning video can stay true to – and even strengthen – brand identity, drawing on the identifiers that make Drunk Elephant unique.

MOSS + Caudalíe Vino Perfect

MOSS has partnered with Caudalíe on several cinemagraphs; a subtle and eloquent type of video content that draws the viewer into an ambiance of simplistic tranquility. With this brand being so strongly rooted in the sense of place that is vast French vineyards, this Vino Perfect piece was crafted to convey a close-up of this very scenery. Pulling the audience down to the soft ground, they see the greenery, the roots, the radiant sun shining through it all, and of course the product itself, infused with its magical key ingredient in motion. A perfect way of communicating a moment that stays true to the brand, and emulates its core.

If you want to learn more about how a long-term video production partnership can benefit your brand, contact Nathan Byrne at [email protected] or see their portfolio here.