While creating an exciting new campaign, it’s easy to get wrapped up in planning and filming videos and forget about the second half of the process—editing. But well-done video editing is vital for the success of the video. It’s the polish on a new shiny campaign. Video editing takes beautiful raw footage and transforms it into a high-end experience for a beauty brand’s communication strategy. Here, MOSS Studio talks about perfecting all aspects of the video creation process and what makes it extraordinary.

There’s something about video, isn’t there? It’s a creative form of communication that stands out from all the others. It’s more than reading this article or listening to a song because it connects with the viewer on a level that no other form can. It engages all of the senses. If done well, a video can sink into one’s mind and become a part of the viewer.

Everyone carries a video around with them in their daily lives. And probably carry more than one. The imagery stays in one’s mind and sometimes replays as if watching it on a private screening. People carry snippets and flashes of moments in videos they saw two years ago, five years ago, or more.

These videos make up how everyone views the world around them. If someone thinks of perfume, they may think of the image of golden sunlight or the feeling of standing in a desert with warm sand surrounding them. Or one may think of the luxurious silk and tranquil water surrounding Moroccanoil’s new fragrance mist. Whatever image or feeling it is, it’s seen in a high-end video, and that feeling stays.

People often think about these videos as images themselves. They picture the act of filming—a crew, cameras, wardrobe, and more. But filming the video is only half of the process. Video editing is the second part of creating the feeling that sticks with viewers. It’s vital in crafting a video that someone will carry around with them for months, or even years, to come.

How do brands make this a reality? A high-end post-production process. Yes, quick social media videos are necessary. But if a brand is creating a campaign or product video it wants to resonate with viewers, high-end editing is required.

What makes elevated editing stand out? It’s all about the editing process. At MOSS Studio, the belief is that there are a few key elements that make not only a successful process but an elevated one.

High-end video editors are well trained, experienced, and have the creative skills to craft a vision. High-end editors meticulously study post-production and are equipped with a tried-and-true process that is curated for each client.

On top of their skills and training, they genuinely want to work with brands. They are looking to work with brands they believe in. They want to understand the ins and outs of a brand’s mission, aesthetic, and team—they are an extension of the creative department.

With these highly skilled editors as an extension of the brand’s team, a team can build a long-term partnership that grows and evolves. This ensures cohesive and impactful videos for every campaign.

For a brand, this means a partnership with a trained editor who understands, believes in, and is dedicated to the vision at hand. Each and every editing decision is informed by the brand’s goals because the editor is well acquainted with those goals—and with the brand.

What makes a video editing process extraordinary? A highly-trained video editor with an elevated editing method that’s entirely curated for a brand. At MOSS Studio, the mission is to perfect this process.