Here’s something shocking. L’Orèal Paris, one of the world’s biggest beauty brands, has never offered a clay mask. It’s true. Among the thousands of products the brand has created and launched, not one has ever been clay-driven. Until now.

Come July 1, the brand will release three Pure-Clay masks, each with different hero ingredients and product benefits.Several reasons drove the launch, the first being people’s changing beauty habits.

“There’s been a major shift in women’s routines, especially with millennials,” said Dr. Rocio Rivera, L’Oréal Paris Director of Scientific Communications. “We learned that women are now using four out of their five products to cleanse their skin.”

Another was the multitasking factor.

“We know that the luxury and prestige market is growing double digits because consumers are looking for an indulgent pure clay mask that works as a cleanser and as a treatment,” added Misa Shimada, Senior Vice President of Skincare Marketing.“We also know that by the time millennials are in their twenties, 80 percent will have some kind of oily or acne prone skin. So there’s a real consumer need and want for addressing those issues. We wanted to give them a product they could use functionally while creating a luxurious moment with a very affordable price.”

Then there’s competition. Prestige has monopolized the mask market. L’Orèal Paris wanted to be the first to offer something similar in mass. At $12.99, it looks like they have.

Other big news is the company’s first dermatologist-inspired skin care line, L’Orèal Paris Revitalift Bright Reveal, whose lead ingredients include glycolic acid and vitamin C.

Every three years L’Orèal Paris’ consumer marketing department conducts a massive study where they interview thousands of women from different ethnicities, skin types and ages. Their 2013 and 2016 studies both revealed that women are concerned with two things, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. So that women wouldn’t need to choose one over the other, they created a line that addressed both.

“We ask a range of questions, from what type of skin care products do they use, to what their expectations are regarding those products and the routine they have created,” said Rocio. “Using that information, along with other insights, we able to determine what products the company needs to bring to the market place.”

Revitalift Bright Reveal offers four main products with a focus on brightening the skin and evening out skin tone.

Fueled by need, desire and perhaps white space within the mass market arena, each new launch took somewhere between 18 months to two years to come to fruition. And each is backed by thorough research and the science behind women’s skin practices and concerns.

“We get inspiration from everywhere,” said Misa. “We talk to dermatologists, anthropologists, biologists and chemists. We have a full scientific research center around the world, so we get inspiration from a lot of places.”

Revitalift Bright Reveal includes Brightening Daily Scrub Cleanser, Brightening Peel Pads, Brightening Dual Overnight Moisturizer and Brightening Day Moisturizer with SPF 30. The Pure-Clay masks include Purify & Mattify Mask, Detox & Brighten Mask and Exfoliate Refining Treatment Mask.