Elizabeth Arden’s newest spa can arguably serve as a new business model for the industry as it combines bar-based beauty concepts along with traditional spa and salon services to target today’s ever-evolving consumer.

Last month Arden opened its signature red doors located on 200 Park Avenue South at 17th Street in Union Square in what feels like a luxury, residential townhouse. But the 10,000 square-foot, bi-level spa is called The Red Door (as opposed to its other spas, which are are simply called Red Door) and offers treatments administered on the first floor of the space that are complete in less than 30 minutes.

“The goals for this location were to recruit a younger consumer, get her in for repeat business and find someone who will become her go-to person,” said Meredith Smith, one of the spa’s project managers.

The first floor, called SpeedUPStairs, caters to the multi-tasking gal on-the-go who wants pampering with a quick fix. The feel is hip, young, energetic and downtown. Deviating from the serene experience most other Arden spas offer, The Red Door pipes energetic music and an ambient scent throughout the space. It features manicure stations, a beauty bar, blow dry bar, makeup and lash bar, in addition to speedy spa treatments, such as the Bree-Zee Pass, an oxygen infusion mini facial ($125); the Urban Renewal, a Microdermabrasion mini facial ($125); and Lady Liperty, a lip facial ($25).

Those wanting to spend an afternoon luxuriating can head to the lower CalmDOWNStairs, which offers massages, haircuts and coloring services, a café and relaxation lounge.

“We looked at the spa business and found dry bars, wax bars and maintenance based-quick service centers to be cropping up,” Meredith added. “What we want to do is create a hybrid concept that would speak to both those who wanted maintenance-based quick services, as well as more traditional and salon-based ones. We see this as the spa business of the future.”

The spa also offers Arden’s exclusive technology, The Custom Color Foundation, designed to blend a custom foundation to match one’s exact skin tone, as well as The Custom Skin Reader, which provides detailed facial and skin feature analyses, including product recommendations based on the findings.

Arden’s headquarters are located just blocks from the spa, one of the reasons they opened in the bustling neighborhood. “We’ve been here for 10 years, so we really know the consumer who is living and working in this area,” Meredith said. “We’ll test the spa and refine it, and then it’s our hope to open others elsewhere.”

Since 1910, brightly colored red doors have been the recognizable symbol for the Elizabeth Arden Spa, and the symbol for the forward thinking, ambitious founder as well. Created during a time when women seldom wore makeup, nor ran their own companies, Elizabeth Arden spearheaded both. Her first spa on Fifth Avenue was just a steppingstone to the global beauty empire she has since created. Today there are 25-plus spa locations including Chicago, Atlantic City and D.C.