No longer limited to balms, lipsticks and glosses, lips are puckering up to powders as the newest category in the makeup space. And let’s face it, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a new lip delivery system. Between tinted balms and liquid lipsticks taking over the market, we can use a new matte option. Originating in Asia, these pretty pigments double as blush in a pinch (though your standard lipstick can do that, as well). They produce a less precise, more lived-in, softer stain, especially in a berry or red hue. Containing ingredients such as vitamin E and coconut oil, they’re softer than eye shadows and work well for an eyes-lips-cheek monochromatic look, if that’s what one is after. Here, CEW Beauty Insider scoped out what’s in the marketplace.


Stellar Stardust Lip Powder Palette
This brand launched in 2016 touting a bevy of medium-hued foundation tints, as well as a full range of foundation shades for every skin tone. In addition to a variety of cosmetics offerings, the brand also features two palettes of lip powder trios, each in varying shades. Surprisingly hydrating, these powders can be worn alone for a sheer effect, layered over a lipstick or under a gloss. The hues are buildable and can be blended together or worn separately for a multitude of shades.

CLE Melting Lip Powder

This Anthropologie best seller comes in an array of vivid hues and is formulated with wholesome ingredients. Pat it onto lips and it transforms from a pigmented powder into a lip stain using micro-capsule technology. The moisturizing lip powder boasts a matte finish and the Hot Cocoa shade works well as a nude for lips and cheeks.

RiRe Lip Powder

With colors veering toward neon, this brand’s lip powder iteration is less subtle, but just as pretty. Packages feature a velvet finish. RiRe is also remarkably wallet friendly, as you’d expect from a Walmart gift set. A pack of four hues plus a makeup remover will set one back $18.

Touch in Sol’s Chroma Lip Powder

The shades are named after fictional heroines such as Morticia, Katniss and Jessy, and come in gorgeous, wearable hues from neutral to bright. A tube houses a twist-off, doe-foot applicator. And instead of liquid cream, it houses powder, so be careful when opening because this formula and applicator can get messy quickly.

Clinique Pop Lip Shadow Cushion Matte Lip Powder

Clinique’s 20-something demographic will no doubt love this vivid, innovative product. An antibacterial-treated sponge applicator yields a pop of pigmented color that can be loaded onto lips until reaching desired opacity. It can be layered on top of lip balm for added hydration, and is available in eight on-trend shades.