Inspired by the business of beauty and fashion, BeautyMatter, a new content site, has launched. The idea was driven by Kelly Kovack’s clients and industry friends who kept “kicking [her] to do it” as they were already enjoying the content she served up on her company’s original site platform, Brand Growth Management, a beauty and lifestyle consultancy. Going forward, BeautyMatter will house all content and will at some point connect to BGM’s site,

The most challenging aspect of launching a site, Kelly said, was “scaling it down to a starting place that was do-able and not launching with what it will ultimately be.” Content will be a mix of aggregated and original, and will continue to publish the already popular quarterly merger and acquisition roundups, as well as real-time color forecasts. New features include Capital Connectors, which outlines the firms behind brands they’ve invested in. Small brands will also be a focus.

“Some of the smaller brands have fantastic stories that you can’t get someone to pick up on. We want to give these brands a platform to tell their story in a different way.”

BeautyMatter will be free and pushed out weekly.