UP Beauty, a solution-based skin care brand, has launched Firm Me Up Anti-Cellulite Crème, a treatment formulated to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite, so skin appears smoother and more refined. Developed by a team of pharmaceutical chemists, the product’s formula contains a blend of glaucine, quinoa extract, L-carnitine and caffeine, designed to deeply penetrate the skin.

UP Beauty creator, Leslie Laxe (pictured above), came up with the idea for the crème after being frustrated by a lack of effective products on the market aimed at treating this specific skin concern.

“I have a cabinet in my bathroom filled with products which promise ‘cures’, changes, etc.,” Leslie explained. “None had worked.”

In order to track the product’s individual effectiveness, Firm Me Up features a 30-day charting system on the side of the package so users can track their progress.

Firm Me Up sells for $89 for a 5-oz. tube and is available at Doyles RX Pharmacy, Beverly Hills Hair Design, Mickey Fine Pharmacy in Beverly Hills, and online at UpBeautyOnline.com.