Offering consumers the ability to pre-order and to have sneak peeks of products are key strategies utilized by brands this month. South-Asian brand TANAÏS opened its website to friends and family purchases; Bondi Sands amassed over 11K followers in just 24 days on Instagram using a teaser handle: @bondisandscomingsoon; luxury skin care brand anokha is offering an early access period; and, hair tool line Lunata and skin care brand BYROE developed pre-order sale strategies.

Artis Monograph Portfolios
Waitlist worthy: Artis will launch their first collection of color cosmetics which includes three curated limited-edition collections: Monograph Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Quads Portfolio (comprising 8 eyeshadow quads)Monograph Pressed Powder Blush Duos Portfolio (comprising 8 blush duos) and Monograph Lipsticks Portfolio (comprising 16 lipsticks). Each collection is a kit of brand-new makeup products, ranging from luxury brushes to makeup, that are housed in a maximalist display box.
Marketing plan: “When Artis first introduced makeup brushes to the world, we disrupted the entire category with a self-application beauty experience that was superlatively meditative and expressive by design. After a long journey of thoughtful and exacting product development, we’re delighted to take our ‘Better Beauty, By Design’ mission to new heights with a limited-edition preview of our expansion into color cosmetics,” said Jeremy Adelman, Co-Founder of Artis. “These three Artis Monograph collections represent a luxurious assortment of products that perfectly complement Artis iconic, award-winning tools.  We’re launching this November with a campaign of paid, owned and earned communications that will give beauty lovers a little taste of the robust innovation pipeline in development to be debuted by Artis in 2022.”
Availability: November 10 on
Price: $149 per kit

TANAÏS Infinite Beauty Collection 
Waitlist worthy: TANAÏS draws connections between history, material culture and aesthetics of the founder’s Bangladeshi heritage. The color cosmetics collection consists of 8 Lustrous Lipsticks Shades, 10 Botanical Matte Lipstick Shades, 1 Vitamin E Lip Balm and 2 Liquid Kajal Eyeliners.
Marketing plan: “For the launch we hosted an intimate launch party at The Sultan Room in Brooklyn where we previewed the collection and opened the website up for friends and family purchases. We also teased and promoted the launch of the collection on social media. We will be officially launching wide to consumers on November 1 with a large press push and creative mailer to editors and influencers. For the Liquid Kajal Eyeliner in specific, we have partnered with IPSY and will be in their November 2021 Glam Bag,” said Tanais.
Availability: November 1 at
Price:  Lip Balm: $25 Lipstick: $35 Eyeliner: $35

Bondi Sands Everyday Skincare 
Waitlist worthy: Bondi Sands is launching into the skin care category with Everyday Skincare as a 12-product skin care line featuring two cleansers, two moisturizers, eye cream, five treatment serums, mask, and SPF with affordable price ranges. Developed with skin experts, each product is packed with natural Australian botanicals and powered by science-backed ingredients. When the launch was announced, over 30,000 people signed up for the waitlist within two weeks and the brand’s skincare page, listed currently as @bondisandscomingsoon, has amassed over 11K followers in just 24 days.
Marketing plan: Starting with a buzzworthy teaser period, consumers will be introduced at launch through key Influencer coverage of VIP mailers, eye-catching awareness media, and in-depth PR coverage. On the website, consumers will be able to explore the line through Bondi Sands custom Skin Quiz and tailored regimen content. The marketing push will continue throughout 1H 2022 with an extensive, 10K unit seeding initiative, social giveaways, and the announcement of a Mega Influencer partnership.
Availability: November 4 on
Price: $14.99 to $18.99

Anokha bakuchi & pomegranate facial oil
Waitlist worthy: The oil aims to soothe dry and irritated skin, diminish the appearance of fine wrinkles and gently brighten and even skin tone.
Marketing plan: “To celebrate the launch of our bakuchiol & pomegranate facial oil, we’re planning to host a giveaway from November 1 to November 5 to increase awareness of both the brand and the star ingredient, bakuchiol,” said anokha founder, Nina S. Naidu, MD FACS. “Early access for purchase at midnight on November 11 will be provided to giveaway participants, as well as VIP clients and Dr. Naidu’s patients. The product will be available to the general public for purchase at 9 am that day. Additional marketing will be targeted to our current email subscribers, through our social media channels, and via public relations outreach.”
Availability: November 11 at
Price: $142

Fortify+ Natural Germ-Fighting De-puffing + Protecting Eye Cream
Waitlist worthy: The De-Puffing & Protecting Eye Cream is designed to address puffiness and signs of fatigue and aging, while adding protection to the body’s last line of defense against pathogens through hero ingredient, Zeolite.
Marketing plan: “Being that the eye area is so delicate, and your eyes are one of the main areas pathogens are contracted into the body, this was a natural next step for the brand – not to mention how important revitalized eyes are for everyone in this age of Zoom meetings,” said Kate Lazarus, Director of Marketing, Fortify+ Skincare. “We are taking this opportunity to push educational content regarding this unique new product via email blasts, in-store activations, video ads on social and google, bi-weekly giveaways, partnerships with key influencers and through Desk Sides with major Media outlets.”
Availability: Mid-November at
Price: $15

Lunata Cordless Hot Brush
Waitlist worthy: The brand says this is the world’s first cordless, full-sized hot brush that reaches 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes of use time.
Marketing plan: “Leading up to the launch of one of our most requested tools we gathered emails of interested customers and launched a preorder page. A limited number of tools were sent out to a select few professionals, influencers and fans to share their thoughts. Now we are gearing up for the holidays and sending out the first orders,” said Stacey Boguslavskaya, CMO and Co-Founder
Availability: November 1 at
Price: $170

BYROE Truffle Eye Serum
Waitlist Worthy: BYROE will grow its salad-infused skincare range with the release of Truffle Eye Serum using a trio of black, white and summer truffles that are designed to brighten and firm. The dynamic blend also aims to work together to infuse the skin with nourishing essential fatty acids, peptides, and B vitamins to visibly lift and firm the eye area.
Marketing Plan: According to BYROE’s founder, Amy Roe, “We began our launch with a sneak peek on October 19 with a full reveal and pre-order slated for November 1. We will be launching with limited and exclusive special packaging that coincides with the holiday season making it ready to gift. To accompany our official launch on November 15, we will be sampling the Truffle Eye Serum to all customers as well as offering a mini Truffle Oil and exclusive discount with all purchases. We are also collaborating with Eat Sunny for a special sampling cross-promotion to their customers. This will, of course, coincide with a multichannel approach including influencer seeding to build authentic feedback and UGC.”
Availability: November 15 at
Price: $114

Lawless The Glam One
Waitlist worthy: A talc-free, silicone-free, travel-friendly, mini eyeshadow palette that contains 2 reflective metallics and 6 rich-buttery mattes.
Marketing Plan: “Our plan is to focus on the truth: that women deserve healthier options without sacrificing pleasure. The Glam One is carbon-black free, vegan and cruelty-free and, it’s absolutely fabulous,” said Rachel Shelowitz, President, Lawless Beauty.
Availability: November 2 at and
Price: $25

Wonderskin  PUREVOC All Day Glow Multi Corrective System
Waitlist worthy: PUREVOC is an easy and affordable solution to mimic the coveted post-facial glow without makeup. The lightweight, hybrid skin care-meets-makeup formula offers hydration and a color-correcting treatment and after four weeks of use, it’s designed to deliver long-term results for a more youthful, natural glow.
Marketing plan: The brand is deploying a multi-channel, multi-format approach across Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and its website, along with the channels of key brand partners. The imagery used in promotions will pair unique branded lifestyle and product imagery, with authentic, untouched user-generated content that shows the results. The product story will also be translated into a chain of digital communication pieces and compounded with powerful educational and knowledgeable creative material.
Availability: November 1 at
Price: System: $100; All Day Glow Multi-Corrective Face Cream: $39.50; All Day Glow Multi-Corrective Eye Cream: $32.50; All Day Glow Multi-Corrective Serum: $49.50

Dermlove’s Daily Glow Capsules and Night Renewal Capsules
Waitlist worthy: Both serums are sealed in biodegradable capsules to offer superior formula stability, easy application, and precise dosing.  Daily Glow features 10 percent pure L-ascorbic acid, while Night Renewal contains retinol and vitamin E.
Marketing plan: The brand will reach out to skincare experts, influencers, and micro-influencers for testing and honest feedback and reviews over the coming months. They plan to also leverage Instagram as an educational tool to learn about skin care.
Availability: November 1 on
Price: $58 each