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Autumn weather is quickly approaching, and new routines are already underway. With the shadow of uneasiness and uncertainty that the evolving pandemic has cast, there is something about the past year that makes us want to find ways to boost our moods and create our own happiness. This is perhaps one of the strongest reasons people are turning to fragrance more than ever, and why the market is booming.

Consumers are investing in their emotions through fragrance as a form of self-care. According to the newly released NPD Fragrance Consumer Study, most U.S. consumers who wore fragrance less often in 2020 have returned to their normal usage. Nearly one-third of consumers are buying fragrances for themselves more often these days, and three out of four consumers feel that fragrance helps lift and enhance their moods or bring back memories of happy times, places, and experiences. This sentiment is stronger among Millennials, who are growing even more engaged with the category and are willing to pay more for scents they really like.

Highlights from the study include:

  • 74 percent of fragrance purchasers bought in-store, where there is greater ability to sample
  • 70 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for a higher concentration
  • 60 percent said Instagram influenced their purchase decision, driven heavily by Gen X and Gen Z
  • 33 percent look to buy from a brand that supports environmental/social causes
  • 89 percent reported using home fragrance during the past month

As fragrance continues to fulfill the consumer’s desire for a much-needed emotional lift, its growing appeal is expected to remain – particularly for consumers who use the power of scent to enhance their moods and recall happy memories. For fragrance brands and retailers, this optimistic news provides a greater motivation to engage with consumers on a much deeper level and leave their mark on consumers’ everyday lives.