Many industry leaders learned about beauty’s 2012 global results at NPD’s Hot Off the Press event January 24. But this evening’s event, also presented by CEW, titled Trendspotting, The NPD Group’s Beauty Industry 2012 Year in Review, assures to provide fresh and original content.

“We will still speak to a lot of trends but take a bit of a dive into some of the consumer-oriented dynamics, such as where they are shopping, and some of the drivers that are causing them to make these choices,” said NPD’s Karen Grant, vice president and senior global industry analyst.

The discussion will cover a range of topics, including how U.S. shoppers are different from their global counterparts; what manufacturers need to be watching for in terms of how to engage and drive consumers; and how product testimonials and third-party endorsements are influencing today’s shoppers. Trends from a product and fashion standpoint will also be revealed.

For those unable to attend the sold out, members-only event, please stay tuned to Beauty Insider for video recaps and stories based on original content from the event.