Good things really do come in small packages, at least when it comes to beauty brand, Nügg. The company, founded by beauty industry veteran, Conny Wittke, offers targeted single-serve facial masks meant to take the guesswork, and waste, out of product trial.

“The size of the offering allows customers to trial more and not overcommit,” said Conny, adding that Nügg’s unique packaging proposition is also earth friendly. “With full-size masks there’s a lot of waste because often times you never finish the bottle. They can sit on the shelf for years and years.”

Although personally-proportioned masks, which tackle everything from wrinkles to stress to congested skin, are undoubtedly the heroes of Nügg’s offerings, the line has grown to include full-size skin care treatments, lip and eye masks, multi-masking sets, and even a monthly mask subscription service. According to Conny, Nügg’s growth—which is consistently in the high double digits year on year—is thanks to its packaging, of course, but also a focus on research and development coupled with a strategic distribution plan.

“At the core of everything we do is formulation, with a focus on skin treatment,” said Conny, adding that the brand’s name is meant to convey “little nuggets of goodness” for your skin. “The concept is that you can easily adjust with an assortment of masks that address various skin concerns depending on mood, hormonal changes, weather, etc. [In addition,] all formulas are over 93 percent natural and have no parabens, synthetic colors or fragrances,” she said.

Sold in about 2,000 global doors across the U.S., the U.K., the Middle East (which Conny describes as a “very strong growth region” for the company), Sweden, Ireland, South Africa and Mexico, Nügg is expanding slowly, with a focus on high-growth markets. In the U.S., the brand is available in Target, select Whole Foods and small indie boutiques, while in the U.K. it is sold in luxury retailers such as Selfridges, Beautybay, Asos and Fenwick. Additionally, this summer Nügg will enter 2,000 CVS doors, a first for the brand. There, Nügg will offer its first peel-off mask, the Mermaid Marine Rubber Peel Off Face Mask, and a new lip smoothing treatment, as well as its five core single serve masks in new packaging.

All formulas for Nügg, which is privately-held and based in Port Washington, NY, are made in the U.S. and the U.K., which Conny said helps maintain the quality of formulas. “We’re very focused on product development and fresh, clean formulas.” Prior to Nugg, Conny served as President and CEO of Tweezerman International.

“My skin suffered quite a bit because of travel,” said Conny, who added that she had the idea for the brand while on a flight from China. “By the time I landed, I had the name and style. Sometimes in life you just have these moments. It was all in my head.”

In terms of its core consumer, Conny said Nugg’s simple, results-focused product proposition has been attracting Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, alike. Among the best sellers of the collection, which is priced between $3.99 for a single-size mask and $20 for a full size, are a skin-plumping Deep Hydration Face Mask, a detoxifying Black Charcoal Face Mask and a Natural Hydrating Lip Mask, which features coconut oil and Irish moss extract for extended lip moisture.

“Millennials like to try new things. They are the early adopters and an up-and-coming channel for us. But because our product is fantastic in hydration and antiaging, we have really loyal customers who are a bit older, and they tend to stick around.”

Looking to the future, Conny said she is excited to see the brand continue to grow, especially in the U.S., where consumers are not fully adopted to the masking trend. She believes the more they use her product, the more they will see the reasons why.

“The U.S. is relatively new to masks, but people are waking up to the benefit,” said Conny. “If you use a high-quality mask at least two times a week, it makes major impact on skin. I believe masks are a trend with staying power; they are not a one-hit wonder.”