In early June Ole Henriksen, the Danish-born skin care guru, visited New York to treat editors, writers and media insiders to experience his latest project, the Ole Henriksen Power | bright.

Lucky attendees were treated to spa-grade product facials and massages—complete with comfortable robes and slippers— and perhaps most importantly, one-on-one time with Ole.

Ole opened his Denmark Skin Care Center in LA in 1975. Three years later he started his product line. In 2011 the independent company was acquired by Kendo, the beauty brand incubator created under the Sephora umbrella, which is owned by LVMH.

“Being bought by LVMH was a match made in heaven,” said Ole. “The fact that I got married to a European luxury conglomerate meant that the brand would stay true to its DNA. I have gone on to develop the products as always, and I’ve stayed the global ambassador.”

Known for using powerful ingredients and botanicals from nature, along with beneficial olfactory aromas and luxurious textures, Ole’s products are also backed by science and innovation. The result is a sensorial skin care encounter which focuses on home experiences that produce what he has coined, ‘the famous Ole glow.’

Presently, the brand offers 54 skus, and targets and treats almost every skin type and concern.

Launching in August, the Power | bright 25% Vitamin C Intensive Treatment System is the newest addition to the Power | peel treatment collection, and adds one more innovative item to the company’s roster. It piggy backs on the massive success of Power | peel’s 3-step process.

“I felt there was a gap, a need for a targeted product that brightens skin tone and addresses hyper pigmentation fast, because people want fast,” he said.

The first pod, called the Truth Sugar Glow Polishing Mask, offers an exfoliating experience thanks to ingredients such as sugar, pomegranate seeds and citrus extract. The second step, Radiant Truth 25% Vitamin C Intensive Treatment, which contains ascorbic acid, aims to brighten and diminish signs of tired, aging skin. The last stage is Pure Truth Melting Cleanser, which is formulated to nourish and cleanse the skin. Six treatments retail for $55.

“No one has done this innovation before,” he said, speaking specifically about his 3-step process and it’s unique delivery system. “When I did it for Power Peel, which we re-launched earlier this year, there was an increase in sales by 70 percent. This is the kind of product you’re drawn to. You ask yourself, ‘What is it?’ The consumer wants to know and picks it up.”

In July, he will premiere his new YouTube videos, Perfect Skin in The Kitchen with Ole, which are based on his most recent book. Perfect Skin, his seventh literary endeavor, was released this year in Denmark, and will be available in the US in 2017. “Each three-minute segment focuses on what you can make in your own kitchen,” he said. “It’s really about empowering the viewer to become their own skin care expert.”

Ole, like everyone else, is turning to social media for support and word of mouth, along with print media and bloggers. “We also are very successful with our exclusives at Sephora, specifically those at JCPenney. We’re their number-one selling skin care brand, which makes up close to 550 stores,” he said. “We’re also the fastest growing brand on” The brand can also be found in department stores and at duty free shops in airports.

Once a month Ole flies from his home base in LA to Kendo’s offices in San Francisco “to do intimate face-to-face meetings with 15 people,” Ole added, “they’re like jam sessions.”

LVMH recently renewed his contract and over the last five years Ole’s business has tripled. “There’s no doubt when you have bigger muscle and talent behind you that there’s a bigger reach out,” he said. “Your marketing becomes more focused, they know exactly where the resources, energy and creativity need to go. This Power | bright is by far the newest, biggest launch in recent history for me.”