Whish Body, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based body treatment brand, is captivating consumers with its problem-solution positioning in the often tired bath and body category.

Originating with Whish Shave Cream in 2008, a shave product with a hair growth inhibitor, Whish was created by husband-and-wife team Jesse and Aimee Werner to offer women a luxurious shaving experience along with a treatment twist. Products also aim to moisturize using natural ingredients that don’t irritate sensitive skin.

“There was nothing out there in terms of luxury scented cream for women that was also good for the skin,” said Aimee. “We aim for niche body treatment, not traditional bath and body. Everything is created with an efficacy in mind and a result. Also, we are natural.”

After success with the shave cream, Whish launched Flawless, a natural in-grown hair serum, which secured the small company distribution in Nordstrom in 2009. Each year Whish added products to the mix, including gift sets, hair inhibiting gel, body butter, body oil, bath and shower gel, sugar scrubs, self tanner and a deodorant swipe with a hair growth inhibitor. Price points are in the $20-$30 range. According to industry sources, Whish will end 2014 with between $15 million and $20 million in retail sales.

Jesse Werner said of the brand’s distribution, “We found a great market in high-end spas and boutiques. While we had a vision for our brand being in a national retailer, at the time there wasn’t a lot of opportunity for growth.”

And that looks to change in 2015: Beginning in March, Whish will be entering Ulta Beauty chain-wide. Additionally, Whish is expanding at Nordstrom beyond the 13 Nordstrom Spas it is used to include 27 Nordstrom cosmetics floor doors by the end of January, and chain-wide by the end of 2015.

The brand has a solid pipeline for 2015, including a collection exclusive to Ulta called Blue Agave, which includes a body wash, body butter, body oil, sugar scrub, shave cream and shave savour. The company is exploring treatment for stretch marks, too, and is launching a hand remedy for $26 that contains glycolic acid for wrinkle reduction and evens skin tone.