Ron Robinson has returned to his roots in research and development and has launched a skin care line under his namesake online beauty blog and influencer agency, BeautyStat.

On March 7, Ron, Founder of BeautyStat and a veteran cosmetic chemist, revealed BeautyStat Cosmetics and the brand’s star product, Universal C Skin Refiner, a skin care serum formulated with 20 percent pure Vitamin C – the highest percentage allowable. The product, which retails for $80, is designed to improve skin smoothness and radiance, while also evening out tone and reducing dark spots.

“I had no intention of launching a beauty brand,” explained Ron. “I had a meeting with Jules Zecchino, a former Estée Lauder colleague and now Chief Science Officer of BeautyStat Cosmetics, where he shared a new, groundbreaking technology. I knew at that moment that this was something special that needed to be brought to the consumer.”

The brand’s technology revolves around a patented encapsulated delivery system, which coats particles in a water-repellent solution that prevents oxidation, allowing the formula to deliver full-strength results without degrading over time.

“We did comparison stability testing versus leading competitive vitamin C products and ours remains pure and active, while the formulas of other brands oxidize, turning orange or brown,” he said.

Other ingredients in the serum include pure EGCG, a component of green tea, which synergizes with vitamin C for the strongest anti-aging protection; squalane, derived from olive seeds, to provide hydration; and, tartaric acid to provide the optimum pH level for skin absorption.

As BeautyStat originated online, it was a natural choice to launch the Universal C Skin Refiner direct-to-consumer via, Ron noted that brick-and-mortar is not off the table.

“We understand and respect that some consumers want a compelling experience wherever they decide to shop, so we are open to traditional channels,” he said.

The serum launched alongside the brand’s Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream ($45), an ultra-lightweight moisturize containing hyaluronic acid, and meant to be paired with the Refiner to help skin maintain moisture throughout the day. Additional products are already in the works. “We are looking into expanding this high potency Vitamin C collection,” said Ron. “We are researching formulating with other benefits-driven ingredients in skin care and color products as well as creating devices and implementing advanced technology.”