With the onslaught of orange colored clothing last year, one would’ve thought we’d be oranged out. Not true. At least not according to cosmetic companies who are betting their spring and summer color wheels that orange will remain on our lips, cheeks and nails.

“I believe orange, in all its nuances, is a great summer color, a great alternative to red and pink,” said Fulvia Farolfi, Chanel’s celebrity makeup artist.

Bright, bold and unexpectedly beautiful, many companies are focusing on the emotion the color brings forth, as opposed to popularity or blendability.

“Orange has always been one of my favorite colors,” said Matin Maulawizada, global artistry director for Laura Mercier. “ It makes me happy when I look at anything orange, from a Hermes gift box to an orange food truck.”

Josie Maran, who is introducing her new Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelée line in April, said orange made her feel positive, which is why she added the color to her six-piece palette. “People are sad, the economy is poor. If you get the right shade of orange it can make you feel alive, awake and empowered. It’s a bright color in the pot, but it looks very natural on.”

Just because the color might be surprising, the benefits are not. Many make big promises in tiny packages. Merle Norman’s Coral Frost offers an age-defying complex and increases moisture retention while helping diminish the appearance of fine lines. Josie Maran’s Gelée is infused with 50% coconut water, plus argan oil, giving wearers 14-hours of hydration.

Be it tangerine, apricot, fuzzy navel or coral, these shades have never been easy to wear, until now.

“Orange is fantastic on almost every skin tone, especially tan, dark skin or very pale,” added Chanel’s Fulvia. “A touch of pink blush and mascara works wonders with orange. Pale olive skin needs a little bronzer all over the face to make orange work.”

Photo caption (clockwise from left):Merle Norman Age Defying Lip Color in Coral Frost, $15, summer 2013; Josie Maran, $22, April/May; Mally High Shine Liquid Lipstick in Fuzzy Navel, $22, spring 2013; By Terry TerryBly Nail Laque in Vintage Coral, $30, March 2013; Chanel Powder Blush in Frivole, $43.00, Jan. 2013