Twelve years ago when Margo Marrone, co-founder of London-based The Organic Pharmacy, was starting out and just entering the world of organic skincare people would laugh at her. “They were all having a good little sneer, they thought it was a joke.”

No one’s laughing now: she’s just opened a store on Bleeker Street.

“Within five years the whole industry changed,” she added. “What ingredients are available to us now is astonishing. Combine that with the science of nature and the consumer gets a better product.”

Margo, a pharmacist and homeopath, had a simple goal: to bring 100% natural products to luxury status. “I was pregnant and realized everything I was putting on my skin the baby was getting as well. I wanted something better and healthier than what the market was offering and when I couldn’t find it, I decided to make my own.” She added that when most people hear organic, they think bad packaging, products that don’t smell good or don’t work well. But The Organic Pharmacy is changing people’s perspectives. All products are handmade in small batches, weekly, in a London warehouse. The packaging is clean and crisp, and items are designed to perform better than their synthetic counterparts.

“Our consumer is between the ages of 15 and 65. She’s the type of woman who likes to look good, understands what she is putting on her skin, and wants what she wants in express time,” she said.

Though the Bleeker Street store marks the first in New York, this is Margo’s sixth store, which she co-owns with her husband. The others are based in London and one is in Beverly Hills. The 910-square foot boutique offers 450 plus items within skin care, body care, mom items, baby care, men’s products, fragrance, makeup and supplements. Hero products include the Carrot Butter Cleanser, Antioxidant Gel, Antioxidant Serum and 10-Day Detox Capsules. An aesthetician, a homeopath and a pharmacist are on-hand to answer questions, give consultations and assessments, and offer a number of in-store results-driven treatments in 40 minutes or less. Most extensive is the Hydra Diamond Collagen Boosting Facial, $100. Come September, Gene Expression Lifting Serum, formulated to pause the aging process while lifting and plumping skin ($330) will be added.

If New York does well, Margo said they will look to Chicago and Boston as next potential markets. “New York has always been on our dream list. We needed to find a store that wasn’t too big and offered surrounding brands that were suitable and would compliment us,” Margo explained. “We already were in Barneys on the Upper East Side so we knew we wanted a downtown location. Soho was great but only had large spaces. We wanted to be careful where we opened and how we opened. We really wanted the right model. Our Beverly Hills location is five years old and it’s an established store now and that’s terrific. We opened at a time when everyone around us was closing. We had to be bold and take a risk.”