Pantene’s online video depicting women over-apologizing in various scenarios at home, in the office and in social situations has hit a nerve.

“The work with our experts at the American Association of University Women and Dr. Marianne LaFrance at Yale, confirms that the overuse or inappropriate use of the word sorry has a subtle but powerful effect, which can minimize a woman’s strength as well as her message,” said Colleen Jay, President, Procter & Gamble Global Hair Care & Color.

Initially featured on Pantene’s YouTube channel and “Good Morning America,” the video, called “Sorry,” has received more than five million views. The brand has received positive feedback on the video as the behavior of over-apologizing “really struck a chord with women as something they do all of the time without even being aware of it – this video proved to be an aha moment for many. We’ve also seen and heard people call attention to their own behavior and their friends when they find themselves in an over-apologizing moment,” added Colleen. “Sorry” was the second leg in Pantene’s Shine Strong campaign, which launched in 2013 under the Shine Strong Fund, providing grants, tips and tools to help educate young women about bias and enable them to overcome obstacles so they can reach their full potential.

The first video, called “Labels” launched in 2013 on YouTube and went viral as it provocatively illustrated gender bias in the workplace—men and women being labeled differently for the exact same behavior.

“We were overwhelmed by the positive response – and the video has so far been viewed almost 60 million times, if we include China. We therefore wanted to create a platform that would allow us to continue this important dialogue and help drive awareness and help women overcome bias,” said Colleen.

In the U.S., the first fund collaboration is with the American Association of University Women – engaging young women before they launch their careers. Pantene is underwriting a campus grant program for student leaders to create programs that educate about bias and prepare tomorrow’s female leaders to prevent bias wherever it may occur.

To view Pantene “Sorry I’m Not Sorry I’m Sorry” video, click here.