In her role as Vice President for DSM Nutritional Products, Parand Salmassinia is responsible for the Personal Care business in North America.

Parand has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience in the personal care industry. Prior to joining DSM, Parand served in various roles at Seppic, Merck and eventually as the President of Induchem Inc. in North America. She has contributed, participated and managed key global accounts and projects.

Parand has authored marketing and scientific papers and is a member of Society of Cosmetic Chemist (SCC), Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) and had occupied membership chair position in the SCC California chapter in the past.

Parand Salmassinia holds a BS in Biology and Psychology from California State University Fullerton as well as a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) in Law from Whittier Law School in California.

Q&A with Parand


1. How did you get into beauty?

As a science major, all you learn is mostly industrial chemistry. I had the good fortune of receiving a prototype of an eyeshadow and realized that is also science. Science that I can relate to. What could be better than science of beautifying the world? The creativity in the beauty business is boundless. Every day, I come across a concept, packaging, positioning or formulation that makes me fall in love with our business all over.

2. Why do you love indie beauty?

Indie beauty is all about thinking out of the box. They are the pathfinders of our industry. They are often driven by a gap they found in the beauty solutions available and set out to find a creative answer. They are the disruptive forces that keeps our industry on its toes. I am a fan of ideas and entrepreneurial spirit.

3. How can you help indie beauty brands?

At the root of beauty, there has to be science. Without science, there is no efficacy and performance. I hope to bring value by translating the language of science to what the ultimate goal of a brand is. The link between the research and development on the ingredients side is essential to defining new boundaries for how a beauty product is invented and delivers on it promises.

4. If you could give indie beauty brands one piece of advice, what would it be?

Stay true to the DNA of the brand. It is always the original idea that set the first product or its platform apart. It is that very differentiating characteristic that find its audience among the consumers.

5. What is the best piece of advice you’ve gotten?

“Wherever you go the sky is blue. It is your mind, you are taking with you” Thank you, dad!

6. Favorite motto or inspirational quote.

“The electric light bulb was not invented as a continuous improvement of candles” –Oren Harari

7. Must-read email, blog, publication?

  • Harvard Business Review for market, industry and brand building as well as how consumer behavior and thinking is changing.
  • Trendhunter for overarching inspirational themes from all industries.
  • Sartorialist for a visual feast of personal styles and how people infuse their own brand into their individual fashion.
  • Refinery29 for a mix of brand, inspiration, creativity and business.