The Professional Beauty Association has published a survey to help create consumer confidence in visiting salons with the goal of educating stylists and consumers that salons are safe.

The $58 billion U.S. salon industry has been pummeled since COVID-19, resulting in many forced closures, costing salon owners and employees their livelihoods.

In the survey, 2,532 salons shared their safety protocols representing 19,392 licensed beauty professionals and services for over two million+ clients since reopening for business this summer. Of the two million-plus clients, only 0.07% reported testing positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of visiting a salon, according to the survey.

The survey also revealed that salons across the country have increased safety protocols, including enhanced sanitization for both clients and stylists, modified check-in and payment procedures, retrofitting of workspaces to allow for social distancing among many others safeguards.

According to Leilani Lucas of Napa, CA, “We check everyone’s temperature when they arrive for their appointment. If anyone feels ill, we welcome them to reschedule with no penalty. We have disinfectant at every station, as well as hand sanitizer and Lysol. We encourage touchless payments and do not offer drinks or magazines.”

The latest survey data published by the PBA supports this shared point of view.

“Aside from maintaining health as the most integral priority, we want to help ensure that the industry is minimally impacted economically. As with so many other industries, the beauty industry has been devastated by the pandemic.” Said Steve Sleeper, Executive Director of the Professional Beauty Association. “The salon industry completes sanitization training as part of their licensing and has been using cleanliness protocols for years. Now, with extensive measures in place to protect against COVID-19, we see salons are safe and not helping to transmit COVID-19. The recent survey shows that less than .1% of visitors to a salon contract COVID-19 within 14 days, suggesting salons can safely stay open.”

Over the past year, PBA established a COVID-19 Relief Fund, which has raised more than $1.5 million with support from top industry brands such as L’Oréal Professional brands, Moroccanoil, Henkel Professional Beauty Division, Dyson, and more.